Dos and Don’ts For Approaching Bloggers in Guest Posting?


Blogging is gaining popularity day by day as a source of link building or guest posts. However, it is not simply writing an article, adding some links to it, and throwing it to the relevant blog. It’s a complex process, though not so complex for those who have hands-on experience and may take some time. Therefore many people choose professional guest posting services

It’s not good to go for guest posting without having a proper understanding of it. Moreover, one should know what to do and what not to do while writing and publishing blogs for this purpose. 

Here is what should do and what to avoid in guest posting. 

Dos of For Approaching Bloggers in Guest Posting

1- Go Through the Content 

Before you ask some blog owners for guest posting, it’s good to go through the blog thoroughly. It’s necessary for writing blogs relevant to the content on the site. Paying special attention to the tone, reading level, and word count over that particular blog is also a good thing. Some bloggers have set proper guidelines, go through them if you encounter any. 

2- Send a Mail

It’s good to send a polite mail to the blogger before you write a blog. Make sure that you have a proper conversation with the owner before you go for writing. 

3- Build a Relationship Before Writing

It’s good to gain the editor’s attention before you go for guest posting. Though it’s not a necessary thing, it’s good to have a friendly relationship with the owner. You can do so by leaving comments on blogs, engaging the bloggers via social media, and interacting with the editors. 

4- Be Clear

Never fall into ambiguity as it may confuse you and the owner too. So, it’s good to be clear and avoid beating around the bushes. Give the editor a clear image of what you want and what you are going to do. 

5- Be Original

Never dare post the existing content on the sites. Your content should match the existing content and publish on regular basis. 

Don’ts For Approaching Bloggers in Guest Posting

Whether you are offering guest posting services or want such links for your blog, it’s necessary to avoid the following things before you approach any blogger for guest posting. 

1- Don’t Be Vague

Never talk confusingly while talking to any blogger for guest posting. Always talk straightforwardly so that you may not face any difficulty in getting backlinks. 

2- Avoid Approaching Bloggers Without Writer in Hand

If you neither know how to write a unique guest post nor have any freelance writer in hand, avoid sending useless emails to the owners. It may irritate the bloggers and spoil their future trust. 

3- Don’t Expect Free Guest Posts 

Most established bloggers have set a particular fee to post a blog for guest posting purposes over their blogs. So, never expect a free guest post from such a blogger. 

4- Don’t Insist on Your Publication

It’s up to the blog owner whether he publishes your post or not over his blog. If it’s as per the demand of his blog, he will share, otherwise, he may ignore it. So, never insist on your publications. 

5- Avoid Too Much Link Insertion

If you add too many links in your post, it may be rejected. Never give the impression to the editor about the fact you’re using his site just for your benefit. So, avoid too much link insertion. 


Guest posting is the best way to get backlinks for your blogs or sites. However, it’s not so simple to publish your guest post on someone else’s blog. There are some tips that you should keep in mind before moving on to guest posting. 

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