Euphoria: 10 Bizarre Reddit Fan Theories


Euphoria has easily become one of the biggest TV series today. Still, its intense, mind-blowing events sometimes have fans spiraling, trying to piece together the puzzle and figure out what will happen next—and Reddit is the best place to do that.

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Reddit is filled with predictions and theories on the show’s underlying message, hidden themes, and what could be major surprises coming to future episodes. While some of them might be on the right track, others seem a little too far-fetched.

10 Gia Will Follow in Rue’s Footsteps

Gia, Gia and Rue in Euphoria

Even though fans haven’t seen much of Rue’s younger sister, Gia, it is rumored she will play a more important part in season 2. The question is—will she be a turning point for Rue, or will she be hurt further by Rue’s actions?

There is much speculation surrounding Gia potentially being the cause for Rue to turn around finally, but it could lead to her getting hurt. Reddit user, Psychological-Wish89, theorizes, “Gia could easily flip back and forth between wanting to experiment with drugs like the peers around her, while also fearing for turning out like her sister. There might be situations where Gia has to cover for Rue and ends up feeling like the ‘older sister’ as a result.”

9 Elliot Is Rue’s Replacement For Her Dad

Elliot sits in front of Rue, Elliot and Rue dancing in Euphoria

Elliot’s character in the second season has already led to many interesting changes for Rue and Jules’ relationship and a new friend dynamic. Although it isn’t clear what Elliot’s intentions are yet, he could be a significant character for the storyline. He could be Rue’s attempt to replace her father.

Fans have compared Elliot and Rue to past flashbacks with her dad, which could be a parallel. User smirnofficegirl says, “… scenes where rue is dancing with her dad and rue dancing with Elliot from the trailer are very similar in terms of lighting and stuff. + rue’s dad got brought up by Elliot in the latest episode. This led me to think that maybe rue is gonna lose him just like she lost her dad, except this time it’ll be to addiction and not cancer.”


8 There Was An Accident With The Mystery Jacobs’ Son

One of the biggest things fans debate about is the ‘mystery child’ included in the Jacobs’ family portrait. While some wildest theories try to pin the child on being Ashtray, others believe some accident must have happened in the past, which would explain why the family is so dysfunctional.

Fans are trying to figure out more behind the mysterious family’s past and why Cal seems to hate Nate so much. While it could be because he sees too much of himself in his son, Nate, others believe it could involve the other child. PuzzleheadedMeal3969 on Reddit speculates, “Maybe something happened to the youngest (mystery child) some accident which f—ed up Nate’s family even more. Maybe that’s why Nate is so angry.”

7 Lexi Is In Love With Rue

Lexi has been a bit of a background character for most of the first season, but she is becoming more of a front-runner in the second season. There are many theories that Lexi could be a potential love interest for Rue and several subtle hints of this in the first season, and it is definitely a point that needs to be revisited.

PyschologicalMath144 believes it was too obvious in the first seasons for it not to be important later on, and says, “… the kiss scene between Rue and Lexi was not even in the original script but was added in per the director. As soon as Lexi leaves Rue alone in her room, you can see a glow up heart in the background, as well a rainbow rug. (I mean, duh?).” Several other fans agree that there are so many reasons why Rue should be with Lexi instead of Jules.

6 Nate Is Staying With Maddy For The DVD

Maddy with disc, Nate and Maddy walking together

The new love triangle between Nate, Maddy, and Cassie is a nail-biting experience for its viewers. Nate is a very unpredictable character. While he might actually love Maddie, he could stay with her for his ulterior motives, such as getting back that controversial DVD.

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Nate has seemed a lot different in Season 2, and while his motives aren’t obvious, Reddit user Long_Sleeve_Shorts makes a good point saying, “Maddy still has the disk. It’s not mentioned except for maybe once this season, and it’s a huge piece of leverage Nate had against Jules and his own father. He KNOWS she still has it, but why does he really need it back aside from that power and control? I think this is the key motivator for him still even wanting to be interested in Maddy.”

5 Faye Could Be The Most Dangerous Character

Faye is another new addition to the already interesting list of characters. Though it seems like she is taking Rue’s place as Fez’s new protectee, it isn’t clear yet what her purpose is in season 2. She has already caused some unexpected problems to arise, and she could become an underdog danger.

Faye could be a casual side character to play with the dynamic between Fez and Ashtray, but fans believe she could be more of a threat to the plot than that. Nobodythinksofyou on Reddit states, “She’s potentially one of the most dangerous characters imo. Addicts are so unpredictable and chaotic. At least for Rue she has people she loves to ground her into being somewhat functional. Faye has no loyalties to anyone and I’m scared for the shit she might do.”

4 Laurie Has A Hidden Agenda With Rue

Rue has already made some awful decisions in the past and continues to slip up and put her and others in potential danger. Even though she believes she has made one of the best moves in working with Laurie to fuel her own addiction, it could mean trouble for her, her family, or Fez.

Laurie may seem like a calm, quiet woman, but there is probably more to her considering she is in a dangerous business. Anglerfishtacos on Reddit theorizes, “Laurie knows Rue uses, and Laurie had definitely been in the game long enough to know that you don’t hire heavy drug users as dealers and send them packing with a suitcase full of several thousand dollars worth of drugs expecting to get paid. I’m not sure what her plans are at this phase, but Laurie doesn’t realistically expect Rue’s pitch to be real.”

3 Cassie and Nate’s Relationship Is A Parallel

Fans witnessed Cassie’s tragic past in the first season, and it probably has a lot to do with her behavior and insecurities with her secret, toxic relationship with Nate. Some fan theories are erupting that believe Cassie could be mirroring her parents’ painful relationship and mistakes.

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Turbulent_Rabbit_331 on Reddit says, “One of cassie’s key memories of her parents’ divorce is that women would flirt with her dad in front of her mom and then her mom would get embarrassingly drunk and dance very much like how cassie was acting at the party. which is funny because cassie thought that her parents were both flawed people that did not work together, but she can’t see her parents parallels to her and Nate.”

2 Lexi Will Be The Surprise Death

Lexi crossing her arms

More content revolving around Lexi and more her own story is definitely something that needs to happen in Euphoria season 2. She is already becoming more of a key character, but there is speculation that the show is setting her up to become the shocking death of the season.

Reddit user, Practical_Song_9992 has a lot to say about these speculations, “I have a theory that this season of Euphoria, they are going to kill Lexi. Here is why: They are beefing up her role and making her an emotional center of the story, which would make her death an absolute gut punch, and despite the hazardous nature of all the activities, no one has died, which is sadly a reality in situations like these, so the show needs a death this season to ground itself.”

1 Rue Only Exists In Jules’ Head

Rue, Rue and Jules head to head

One of the craziest theories floating around is that Rue is not real or has already passed but continues as a narrator, playing into everyone else’s lives, specifically for Jules—which is why Jules is actually the main character potentially.

Thelonelyeuphoric theorizes, “What IF Rue was either not a real person or she died awhile ago? Like.. im watching Jules’ special episode and like she says, “half of every relationship is in my head” It would make sense because Rue exists in Jules’ life to remind her of her mother’s addiction and inability to love her… it would make sense – especially if we think of her as this darkness, this deep dark voice in our heads pulling us down.”

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