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Locked items are a very prevalent thing in Dead Island 2, which can make hunting down every single set of keys very annoying for players. Upon entering the Halperin Hotel, players will see a set of five Safety Deposit Boxes behind the front desk. Unfortunately, each one will require different keys to open it.

Similar to Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are a lot of keys to be found to unlock different rewards in Dead Island 2, but most can be gathered when completing the main story objectives if keeping an open eye and investigating areas thoroughly. For example, all Safe Deposit Keys can be found during the first visit to the Halperin Hotel.


All Halperin Hotel Deposit Key Locations

Halperin Hotel crumbled building in Dead Island 2

Upon entering Dead Island 2‘s Halperin Hotel in Beverly Hills, there will be a table off to the right with a bunch of random objects on it, and Deposit Keys #09 will be highlighted at the end. The rest of the keys will be found a little bit later in the hotel storyline once heading up to look for Major Booker on the third floor. When first heading up to look for her, players will encounter a set of closed elevators with a highlighted button between them. Press the button to open the right elevator, and a couple of zombies will trickle out, defeat them, and the #14 Safe Deposit Keys will be found lying on the elevator floor.

Immediately after, continue into the nearby hallway that’s on fire. Be sure to have a durable Dead Island 2 weapon equipped because flaming zombies will come running. Once safe, head into Room 208 and go to the left side of the bed where Deposit Keys #33 will be. The next set will be found while crawling through air vents to get to the third floor. While in the vents, there will be a very short looping path off to the left that will have Keys #49. The final set of keys is found in the bathroom of Room 307, where the objective leads you, sitting on the tub. For precise locations and in-game references, see the chart below.

Key Number



Key #09

After coming through the main entry doors, there will be a foldable table off to the right and left. On the right one, the keys will be sitting next to a laptop and some cups.

Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit key #09 Located on table

Key #14

On the second floor, there will be a set of elevators in a darker part of the hallway. The button to call the elevators will be highlighted. Press it, and the right elevator will open, revealing a couple of zombies. Defeat them and check the elevator floor to find the keys in the far right corner.

Key #33

On the second floor of the hotel, head into room 208. Depending on what point in the game it is, the entryway might be on fire. This can be put out with water or jumped over with a minor hit to the health bar. There will be a bed immediately to the left, and on the floor near the left side of the bed, the keys will be sitting next to a briefcase.

Key #49

In the air vents on the way to Major Booker’s room. After initially entering the vents, go all the way down and take the first left, where there will be a little path that loops back around; the keys are laying in there.

Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit key #49 in air vent

Key #53

After entering room 307, in the part of the room adjacent to where Major Booker is, head into the bathroom, and the keys will be lying on the edge of the tub.

Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit key #53 in bathroom of hotel room

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How To Unlock The Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes behind Halperin front desk in Dead Island 2

After all the Safe Deposit Box Keys have been collected, players can return to the front desk and unlock all five Safety Deposit Boxes behind it. In addition to contributing towards 100% completion, each Safe Deposit Box will provide a variety of rewards, including crafting materials, cash, and even a weapon or two. The crafting materials can be taken to a Dead Island 2 workbench to upgrade any available weapons while the cash can be used to purchase items from traders throughout the game, and if the weapon acquired is undesirable, it can be scrapped for parts.

While all Safe Deposit Keys can be collected during the first run-through of the hotel when completing the Major Booker related objectives, if they are missed, there will be ways to return to the area later in the game. There will be a side quest that brings the player back here. Additionally, fast travel will also become available later in the game, allowing a quick return to the hotel. However, the recommendation is to unlock all the Safety Deposit Boxes earlier in the game so that the materials can be of use to the player while completing Dead Island 2 rather than after the game is finished when they won’t be nearly as valuable.

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