A guide to help Fortnite players complete week 10 quests in the most efficient way possible, in the fewest amount of games, in order to obtain XP.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is now on its tenth week of challenges, which means there is not much time left before we will have a new season once again in Battle Royale. With every new week leading up to a new season, players are given weekly quests to complete and, in turn, are rewarded with a hefty amount of XP. For each completed quest, 25K XP will allow players to level up and claim Battle Stars to unlock new items in the Battle Pass.

Weekly quests always hold a good variety of tasks for players to complete, some being on the easier side and some being on the harder side. Quests are also an excellent way to encourage players to explore Fortnite‘s entire map, with some only completed in particular POIs. And if tier 100 is already reached in the Battle Pass, there is always the incentive to keep pushing for more XP, thanks to the Super Battle Pass Styles included.


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These quests involve getting airtime in a vehicle or other archaic objectives such as catching a gun while fishing. Completing all of the Week 10 quests in Fornite will let players earn a total of 285K XP in under a week. Below is a guide on how players can complete these quests quickly without spending too much time during matches.

Week 10 Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2
  • Get three seconds of airtime in a vehicle: Vehicles in Fortnite consist of many things. There have been a wide array of transportation methods throughout the different seasons and chapters, from everything from planes to quad-crashers, boats, and semi-trucks. The options players are given in Fortnite Chapter 3 allow for water and land travel. Gaining any amount of airtime will be easiest done on land unless players wish to drive a boat off the edge of a cliff. Airtime is any amount of time when the vehicle is not touching the ground. Players can gain this airtime by performing stunts, or in an easier way, driving a car off the edge of a mountain. When the vehicle hits the road at the bottom, players will have completed the three seconds of airtime quest. Of course, if players struggle to do this in one go, this quest can be completed over however many tries are needed.
  • Build Structures: This quest requires players to build 20 structures in Fornite within however many matches they need to complete the quest. A structure is defined by any four things made while in build mode in this specific quest. These consist of ramps, walls, floors, and roofs. This quest will be completed relatively quickly by those players who get into build fights often. However, an easy way for players who do not seek out battle during gameplay is to land in a secluded area of choice and start gathering materials. Then begin to place many walls and ramps wherever possible, and in no time, this quest will be completed.
  • Use Bandages: This quest’s primary focus is healing a player’s character in Fortnite using bandages. There are two ways this quest can be completed without actually having to take damage from another player and having a fear of actually getting eliminated. The first would be to build up a total of four ramps and jump off of the edge. A player’s character will lose some HP without fully dying, any higher than four ramps, and the risk of dying to fall damage will become a possibility. The other way would be to stay by the edge of the storm until the circle closes. Once the circle has closed, players can sit just inside the edge of the storm to knock off some HP. As bandages only restore health to 75 out of 100, players will be able to use bandages immediately after the other.
  • Catch a gun while fishing: Fishing spots in Fortnite are located at every significant source of water on the map, so players have a wide choice to choose from when it comes to completing this quest. Only one gun has to be caught for this quest to be completed. With fishing for guns, players will achieve this quest quickly if they can obtain a harpoon gun, as that wait time for something to catch hold of the rod will be eliminated. While fishing, players may want to avoid the pools marked in the water as these areas tend to give healing fish or those with effects such as the Spicy Fish. As the rarity of the gun doesn’t matter here, simply throwing a fishing rod into the water and catching a grey pistol in Fortnite might be the way to get this quest over and done with.
  • Destroy mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers: Tilted towers is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to land in Fortnite Chapter 3. However, Sleepy Sound will be the better option if players aren’t fans of the action-packed landing spots. A total of five mailboxes will need to be destroyed for this quest to be completed over any amount of games. Mailboxes can be found out front of any residential building, but like previously mentioned, landing at Sleepy Sound will give players a better chance at completing this quest in one game.
  • Search Ammo Boxes: Ammo boxes are located all over the Fortnite map, even in random spots not inside POIs. It’s no secret that the best place to stock up on ammo is inside vaults. Vaults can spawn up to nine ammo boxes on the racks inside, so players can start off completing this quest generously by landing in a location with access to a vault. A total of 15 ammo boxes will need to be looted for the quest to be completed. In due course, looting buildings throughout the game, this quest has a high chance of being completed in one round if a vault is involved.
  • Damage players with a Clinger: Clingers in Fortnite are explosive weapons with a plunger-like stick attached to them. If thrown just right, players can eliminate each other if successfully aiming at an enemy’s body. With body damage of 100, there is a chance that players can complete this quest in one go. However, clingers can cause splash damage in Fortnite, which will be a little less damage and needs more attempts. It may be a good idea for players to complete this quest in Squad Mode as there will be a chance an enemy team may be huddled together in a build fight, a perfect opportunity to throw a clinger in there.

If players have been keeping up with their quests throughout time, after completing this week’s challenges, they will achieve some of the long-term quests, such as completing 73 and 76 quests in total. Both of these quests will grant 55K XP to players, which will make a massive stack of 285K XP just in one week’s worth of challenges. In addition, players can expect to see some upcoming hints and Easter Eggs throughout the Fortnite map, indicating what the next season holds. Of course, this has been done in the run-up to previous seasons, and let’s not forget the iconic in-game events, too, always a fan favorite.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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