Harrison Ford TV Comedy Gets In-Depth Look In Extended Shrinking Trailer


Apple TV+ has released an extended look at Shrinking, the new comedy series starring Harrison Ford and Jason Segel from the team behnd Ted Lasso.

A new Shrinking trailer spotlights the show’s story and the relationship between Harrison Ford’s and Jason Segel’s characters. Bill Lawrence, co-creator of the awards darling Ted Lasso, tries to bring some of that comedy series’ undeniable charm to the new Apple TV+ venture — Shrinking. Ted Lasso‘s Brett Goldstein and Shrinking star Segel created the new series alongside Lawrence. Segel gives life to Shrinking protagonist Jimmy, a therapist who feels stuck in his life since his wife’s death.


Apple TV+ has released a new extended trailer for Shrinking, which debuts at the streamer on January 27.

The new trailer focuses on Segel’s Jimmy, as the therapist decides to escape his stagnated life and profession by going rogue and taking a more hands-on approach with his patients. Shrinking marks a major TV comedy return for Segel after How I Met Your Mother (the actor’s previous hit comedy series) ended. Ford’s therapist Paul serves as Jimmy’s mentor, trying to help the younger character through the difficult moment in his life.

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Everything We Know About Shrinking

Shrinking season 1 harrison ford jason segal

As evidenced by the trailer, Shrinking presents a comedic spin on therapy, although the show promises to include some heartbreaking scenes along the way. Dramatic moments like Segel’s Jimmy struggling with his wife’s death and how to move forward, not only for him but for his grieving daughter as well, should ground the series’ humor and create an emotional bond between audiences and the characters early on. That mixture of humor and drama in the trailer should bode well for the Segel-led comedy series. The background of Shrinking‘s creators explains why that choice should work.

Shrinking‘s premise comes from its star Segel and co-creators Lawrence and Goldstein. The presence of the latter two explains the similarity in tone to another hit Apple TV+ comedy series, Ted Lasso, which Lawrence and Goldstein are a major part of. The 11 Emmy Awards-winning show centers on an American soccer coach moving to England to bring the AFC Richmond football club back to its glory. The series takes viewers across the daily life of players, coaches, and executives of the football club as they deal with both football-related problems and deeper personal life issues, such as anxiety, divorce, and self-doubt. Segel’s Jimmy could be as great as Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso if the series sticks its landing.

Shrinking‘s trailer showed the same beats that made Ted Lasso a major success for Apple TV+ are present in the new comedy series, and the show’s leading stars should help the series soar. Segel has proven his comedic talent across several movies and TV shows, with his role as Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother being the actor’s most famous to date. Segel’s background makes for a compelling performance as grieving therapist Jimmy, with the actor possessing the necessary skills to play both the heartache the character suffers from his wife’s death and his newfound will to live as Jimmy starts to break the rules of therapy and directly engage in his patients’ lives. Indiana Jones actor Ford will be the straight man in the relationship between his character Paul and Segel’s Jimmy, trying to ground the rogue therapist across Shrinking season 1’s ten episodes.

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