Hawkeye Easter Egg Could Set Up An Iron Man Original Villain’s Son


Hawkeye episode 1 includes an Easter egg referencing Obadiah Stane, and it could set up the MCU appearance of Iron Man’s villain’s son in Phase 4.

Hawkeye Easter egg may have set up an appearance by Ezekiel Stane, the son of Iron Man‘s original villain Obadiah Stane. Although Clint Barton and Kate Bishop took center stage in Hawkeye, the series also did plenty to set up the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future. Whether that meant bringing back Wilson Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin or setting up Maya Lopez for her Echo spinoff, the show planted a lot of seeds for Marvel Studios.

Hawkeye‘s Easter eggs teased everything from the West Coast Avengers to Laura Barton’s SHIELD history, but one of the show’s earliest references pertained to Iron Man‘s villain. In the first episode of the show, Kate Bishop is shown at college challenging her archery skills by trying to ring a distant bell tower. The show takes this a step further, though, by revealing that she’s shooting at Stane Tower. The name should be familiar to MCU viewers, as it is dedicated to Obadiah Stane, the former business partner of Tony Stark who died in Iron Man.


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Since Obadiah Stane has no MCU future barring a shocking death retcon, Hawkeye making any reference to the Iron Man villain is quite odd. However, this could be because Marvel Studios is setting up the return of the Stane family, specifically by introducing his son, Ezekiel. The plaque attached to Stane Tower mentions that it was built 1725, making it the oldest school tower in the United States. It was rededicated to Obadiah Stane in 2006, two years before his death. It makes sense that the Stane family would take great pride in the tower and protecting the legacy of Iron Man‘s villain, so its destruction could bring them back into the MCU story in some fashion.

Stane Tower in Hawkeye

The MCU introducing Obadiah Stane’s son (or daughter potentially) could come in many different forms. It’s important to remember that Obadiah Stane’s villainous turn isn’t even public knowledge in the MCU, as SHIELD helped cover up his death so he didn’t die as a villain. While this could allow Ezekiel Stane the chance to be a hero in the MCU, it seems more likely that Obadiah’s son will be a villain if introduced to the MCU. Based on how the MCU possibly sets up his debut, Hawkeye season 2 could see him go after Kate for destroying his father’s tower.

There are plenty of other possibilities for Ezekiel Stane to join the MCU too. Following the Kate Bishop connection, he could be the villain of a Young Avengers project potentially. Joss Whedon originally wanted to use Ezekiel as a villain in The Avengers, so it would be somewhat fitting to see him square off with a different iteration of a superhero team. There is also a strong chance that Stane’s child could appear in an Iron Man-related property, such as Ironheart or Armor Wars. Either of those properties would be natural fits for Iron Man‘s villain’s son to appear after Hawkeye.

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