How Blood Origin’s Post-Credits Scene Sets Up Witcher Season 3


The Witcher: Blood Origin features a surprising post-credits scene helping tie this story in to the main series ahead of The Witcher season 3.

This article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin.The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s post-credits scene serves as essential setup for The Witcher season 3. Netflix is determined to transform The Witcher into a massive franchise, and the streaming giant is aiming to achieve this through spinoffs and prequel shows. The Witcher: Blood Origin is one of the most important of these; it is set 1,200 years before the main series, and reveals the true story of the Conjunction of the Spheres. The prequel series builds to a climax by telling the tale of the First Witcher, and establishing the true origin of the Elder Blood that will resurface to such spectacular effect in Ciri.


The Conjunction of the Spheres transformed the Continent, with monsters from countless different worlds and planes of existence left stranded there. It also introduced humans, leaving their ships wrecked on the Continent’s shores, setting in motion another interracial conflict that will continue for a millennium. Even more intriguingly, though, elves were scattered throughout spacetime. The final scenes of The Witcher: Blood Origin hinted at the origin of the Wild Hunt, as one of these elves – Eredin – claimed a familiar mask.

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Ciri’s Blood Origins Post-Credits Scene Sets Up Witcher Season 3

The Witcher Blood Origin Avallac'h

The Witcher: Blood Origin features a post-credit scene set before the fall of Cintra in The Witcher season 1. It shows Ciri secretly playing with her friends on the streets, only for the camera to pan away to show she is being watched by Avallac’h. Ciri is as yet unaware of the prophecy that will shape her life, and she has yet to develop the powers that will allow her to tap into the power of the Monoliths; Avallac’h is watching her too soon, and presumably decided not to intervene.

Viewers can be forgiven for assuming Avallac’h has been transported to the “present day” by the Conjunction of the Spheres. This probably isn’t the case, however; in Andrej Sapkowski’s novels, Avallac’h gains a limited ability to travel between the different worlds and times as well. It’s more likely that he has arrived at Cintra a little too early, takes a moment to watch over Ciri, and then heads off into the future. He needs a more experienced, more powerful version of Ciri – the one he will surely meet in The Witcher season 3.

How Blood Origin Helps Make Ciri’s Witcher Arc Easier

Henry Cavill; Season 2; blood Origin

Netflix has taken an unusual approach to expanding The Witcher‘s franchise. The Witcher: Blood Origin is not only a prequel; it is also an essential part of the overarching narrative, introducing ideas and – even more importantly – characters who will play a key role going further. Both Eredin and Avallac’h are destined to play a role in Ciri’s ongoing story, because they understand the true power of her Elder Blood, and seek to use it for their own purposes. The prequel series means viewers are already familiar with these characters, and can figure out their agendas before Geralt and Ciri. The Witcher: Blood Origin ends with a rendition of “The Song of the Seven,” confirming that the ancient tale of the Witchers’ origin has been rekindled ahead of season 3 – meaning Ciri will need to listen to the bard’s songs if she is to figure out who she is dealing with.

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