How Susie Tricked Clayton Into Thinking She Left


The Bachelor Clayton Echard thought Susie Evans was gone for good, but she’s still in Iceland. Was her ‘exit’ all a trick to test his feelings?

Jesse Palmer, the host of The Bachelor season 26, dropped a not-so-surprising bomb on Clayton Echard when he revealed Susie Evans tricked Clayton into thinking she left but was still in Iceland after their heated moment during fantasy suite week. For the Echard family, who had just met and thoroughly liked his final two contenders, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, this was unwelcome information. In their opinion, if Susie truly wanted to make the relationship work, she wouldn’t have left the date. As for Clayton, having the woman he loves the “most” nearby was music to his ears. However, was Susie’s exit and delayed return to the states all a ploy to test his feelings?


Last week, in what will go down in Bachelor history as one of the most controversial scenes, Susie expressed her disgust and disappointment in Clayton. Not only was he physically intimate with both Rachel and Gabby in the fantasy suites, but he also told both women that he loves them. Though Clayton pleaded with her to stay and talk the situation out, Susie couldn’t get past his actions. Clayton quickly turned cold and walked her to the car. Ever since, despite bringing Rachel and Gabby to meet his parents and brothers following the “rose ceremony from hell,” Clayton hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Susie, who he assumed was on the first flight out of Iceland.

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On tonight’s grand finale, which franchise alums like Nick Viall expressed their shock over after an early viewing for their podcasts, Susie will once again grace our TV screens as she sits down for a conversation with Clayton. This begs the question, did Susie trick Clayton into thinking she was gone for good? It’s possible. Susie ultimately saw fantasy suite week as a test for Clayton. If he kept his physical and emotional distance from Rachel and Gabby, he would’ve passed. Instead, he did the exact opposite in an effort to fully explore each relationship. Yet Clayton didn’t know he was being tested, nor that physical intimacy with the other women was a deal-breaker for Susie. Her false departure could be another test. If he moves on with Rachel or Gabby, it wasn’t meant to be. But if he sends Jesse to her hotel room to schedule a meeting? Maybe he really does love her the “most.”

The Bachelor Clayton Echard Susie Evans

If Susie was that upset and heartbroken over Clayton’s actions, it’s hard to believe she would’ve stayed in a foreign country, even for a few days. Given the massive platform of The Bachelor on ABC, it’s unlikely that she was stuck there, unable to book a flight home. Susie likely wanted to be in Iceland to see if Clayton would seek her out and pass this second test. In the heat of the moment of her fantasy suite week date, it was probably hard for Susie to determine whether or not he was being sincere with his words. And who could blame her? Hearing how he loves her the “most” after similar feelings were shared with two other people was surely hard to believe. As for Clayton risking his relationships with Rachel and Gabby to shoot a final shot with Susie, that may show her that his actions can match his words.

While Clayton reconciling with Susie and proposing would typically be a solid prediction, Clayton recently revealed that not one person has correctly guessed the ending. On countless occasions, former host Chris Harrison promised a shocking finale, only for it to be somewhat lackluster and predictable. Now, it seems fans may finally witness something that they never anticipated.

The Bachelor finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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