How To Check The Quality Of A Weed?


The legalization of Cannabis in several states for medicinal, recreational, or both applications has led to a significant increase in weed consumption. Even users with some inhibitions about Cannabis are now willing to try the ingredient to soak in its ample benefits. But one challenge that most people, in fact, some even experienced, face when shopping for weed is identifying its quality. 

Everything you see in an online shop or even in your closest retail outlet may not necessarily be the best quality Cannabis. Sometimes the buds are old, dry, low in potency, or even degraded. So how do you distinguish a good weed from a bad? Well, here are a few aspects about your buds that you should watch out for to help you easily differentiate between good and bad weed. 

The Placement 

The trick is to buy only from trusted brands that deal with premium buds and other related products like top quality hash online Canada when it comes to online weed shopping. In the case of dispensary shopping, the location of your buds could be a direct giveaway of the quality. 

Buds on the top shelf are the cream of the crop and typically come with high potency, extraordinary bud density, competent terpene and cannabinoid profile, and are overall charming to enjoy. The mid-shelf is the medium-quality area where the buds are good enough to get the job done and typically economical. The bottom shelf ones are the cheapest and least potent buds and contain a cocktail of broken pieces, trims, clippings from previous buds. It may be a practical choice for beginners but will give a washed-out feeling to intermediates and experienced users. 

The Look 

Several visual aspects of your weed can indicate its quality directly. First, inspect the content of the packet. If it contains too many seeds and stems making up most of the weight, it might not be worth investing in it as most of it cannot even be smoked. 


Next, look at the color of the buds. The color should always be fresh green with undertones of VIBGYOR in some instances based on the strain. If most of the weed looks rusty, brown, tan, or yellow, avoid purchasing them. Also, if the buds look bleached white even without any trichomes, it is lightly damaged and is therefore not fit for use. Look if the buds have orange hair on the surface, indicating proper pollination and maturing of the Cannabis. 

Now, please look at the trimming and avoid buds with too many leaves attached to them or those with a clean finish as it indicates machine trimming. Finally, inspect the trichome density. Good weed has densely packed trichome crystals covering the majority of the surface of the buds. It is where the terpenes and cannabinoids reside. The beautiful crystals located on the surface indicate premium quality weed. 

The Feel

When you touch the buds, they should not feel too dry or sticky. Too dry means that the weed could be old and dried, thus carrying very low potency. It will also burn out faster and leave a harsh feeling in the throat. If the weed is too wet, then chances are it will not burn correctly. It will also spoil too soon. The buds should be slightly sticky (due to trichomes) but with an optimal moisture level for the best effect. 


The Smell

One of weed’s most significant characteristics that directly indicates its quality is its aroma. Cannabis carries a distinct pungent smell that establishes a sense of freshness every time you take a whiff. This smell is a critical indicator of good weed. Also, based on the terpene composition, you may experience hints of citrus, florals, spices in Sativa strains, and chocolate and coffee in Indica strains that elevate the complete experience. Hybrid strains are likely to carry a mixture of these profiles. 

If the stuff smells weird or dank, the weed may be of inferior quality. Similarly, if you experience a hay-like smell from your stash, you have low-quality weed that is not worth smoking. 

The Taste 

The taste of good weed is quite distinct and easy to recognize. The freshness of the stash will be easily noticeable when you smoke the buds. If you experience an odd taste while smoking it, you might need to revisit your stash to assess its quality. 


Remember, sometimes even the presence of stems and seeds can trouble the flavor, which, of course, also indicates low quality. It could be chemical adulterants or poorly stored buds that infuse this taste in some instances. Either way, it is best to avoid using these buds. 

The Pests 

Buds infected by pests also reflect poorly on the quality. If you witness thin white hairs on the buds, it is due to the presence of spider mites. You might also come across powdery mildew, molds, mites, gnats, and eggs from dead pests on the buds that are a bad choice to smoke.


Understanding the quality of weed is of primary importance before you shop for Cannabis. This way, you always make a worthy investment and experience the best benefits of the herb. Keep these essential points about evaluating weed quality in mind next time you go shopping to pick the best. 

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