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Some new repeatable Spring quests have arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but for now, there are only two of them and both pertain to Wall-E. One of these quests is called Bunnies on the Run and is initiated each day by speaking to Wall-E, after which he will ask you to catch 5 bunnies in the Plaza.

After initiating the quest with Wall-E, bunnies will begin to appear in the Plaza that look similar to the ones scurrying around the Peaceful Meadow. They move a little faster and will constantly be running around without stopping, so catching them is going to require a little bit of work and patience.


Catch The Runaway Bunnies

Player holding bunny in Dreamlight Valley

As stated above, to start this quest, go and find Wall-E and initiate a conversation with him. Select the Bunnies on the Run quest and Wall-E will ask you to head over to the Plaza and catch all the runaway bunnies. There will be five in total that must be caught, and unfortunately, they won’t pause to allow time for you to catch them.

They do tend to run in a pattern so the best method for catching each one is to watch the pattern they run in and wait for them to pass by. When they do, quickly interact with them, and they will be collected.

Speak To Wall-E

Speaking with Wall-E in Dreamlight Valley

After repeating that process and catching all five of the runaway bunnies, return to Wall-E. Let him know that you have captured all the runaway bunnies, and he will thank you. The reward for completing this quest is x1000 Friendship, x20 Egg-cellent Fruit, x20 Wild Spring Eggs, and x5 Spring V-EGG-etables.

Aside from the friendship, these are items exclusive to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Spring Eggstravaganza event that will end on April 29th. They can be used to craft any of the exclusive Spring recipes or furniture which can help complete some of the event-exclusive duties that will also end on April 29th.

As stated, this quest is one of the few repeat quests. A new feature added to Disney Dreamlight Valley with the most recent update. This is a weekly quest meaning the rewards can be claimed every week to aid in completing other Spring tasks. The bunnies will just need to be re-caught the same way they were before each time.

While waiting for Bunnies on the Run to reset, be sure to check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley daily quest, Blooming & Blossoming, which is also done through speaking to Wall-E and can be done every day instead of every week.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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