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True to the franchise’s affinity for creative puzzles, Resident Evil Village’s Shadows of Rose DLC boasts a healthy serving of them, including one centered around predator and prey paintings. This time playing as Ethan’s daughter, Rose, instead of the father himself, players navigate once again through Castle Dimitrescu, attempting to find a cure for her Megamycete powers. Players will encounter mushroom-like enemies, difficult puzzles, and journey through the horrors of the Megamycete’s mind through Rose.


One such puzzle is located in the Gallery on the second floor of the castle and requires some exploring to complete in its entirety. Upon entering the Gallery, where the wine bottle is placed in the base game, players will notice multiple paintings on the walls depicting different animals. While this may not be one of Resident Evil’s notoriously difficult puzzles, it does have the hindrance of being unable to move some paintings and missing a piece required to solve it.

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Solving the Painting Puzzle in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose

Before attempting to solve the puzzle, players should first hunt down and retrieve the missing sixth painting. Doing so requires first completing the main questline of finding the masks and completing the statue puzzle. After Rose has the Silver Mask in her possession and has defeated the enemies in the Cellar, the Guest Room door will now be unlocked. Return to the Hall of Ablution upstairs, follow it to the exit, and turn right to reach the now-unlocked door. The double doors in this room lead to the Guest Room Bathroom, containing the missing Snake painting. Once it has been retrieved, the player can return to the Gallery.

While this section may be a break from the gruesome horrors Rose faces throughout the DLC, the puzzle does require a very specific solution to continue. First, players should remove all paintings that can be taken down, leaving the painting of the wolf and of the butterfly in place. The solution requires that the paintings of predators be on one side of the hanging frames, and the paintings of prey on the other. This can only be figured out if the player notices the arrangement of the immovable wolf and butterfly paintings, and makes the connection between the rest of the paintings that have now been removed.

When putting the paintings back up on their hanging frames, each prey much be across from its corresponding predator. The rest of the puzzle should be relatively straightforward, which is a welcome break from the rest of Shadows of Rose’s notable difficulty. To meet this condition, the spider must be placed on the opposite side of the immovable butterfly. Therefore, the predator paintings must be hung on the right side, while the prey must be hung on the left. Following this pattern, players should therefore hang the sheep painting opposite the immovable wolf painting.

Placing the frog painting in between the butterfly and the sheep paintings will complete the prey side of the puzzle. Rose can then hang the last painting of the snake between the wolves and the spider and complete this section. After this is done, the paintings will rise and open the way to the chest at the end of the room, containing the Triocular Key. Now that the predator and prey painting puzzle has been completed, players can move on to explore the rest of the new content in Resident Evil Village‘s Shadows of Rose DLC.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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