Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Is A Terrifying Western


The first trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us follow-up Nope is here. The movie stars Steven Yeun, Keke Palmer, and Get Out alum Daniel Kaluuya.

The first trailer for Jordan Peele’s Us follow-up Nope has arrived ahead of its debut at the Super Bowl. Peele, who was previously known for his work on the sketch comedy series Key & Peele, is now one of the most critically acclaimed horror directors working today. After releasing his debut directorial feature Get Out, the writer-director scored the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his meditation on racism and neo-liberalism. Now, Peele is set to return this year with an extremely mysterious project titled Nope and, save for the cast and a poster, not much is known about the film.


Nope will star The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun, Hustlers actress Keke Palmer, and Daniel Kaluuya, the latter of whom starred in Get Out and earned a Best Actor nomination for his performance. The first footage of Nope debuted in a video previewing the trailer of the movie. The trio of actors shown in the video looked terrified, but the teaser was an exercise in restraint as no details were revealed about the plot of Nope, which is set to release this July.

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Now, Peele and Universal have debuted the first Nope trailer ahead of its debut at the Super Bowl. The video is heavy on setup and light on plot as it introduces Palmer and Kaluuya’s characters, who appear to be ranchers of some sort. The Nope trailer has a distinctly western aesthetic, showing Palmer’s character as the descendant of prominent Black Hollywood horse trainers. From there, things get weird as the desert setting becomes the sight of some truly strange happenings.  Check out the Nope trailer below:

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Like the teaser, the Nope trailer reveals very little about the plot of the movie. Initially, Palmer’s character is said to be the ancestor of Hollywood horse trainers and Kaluuya’s character is somehow involved. From there, the ranch where they work is introduced and, unsurprisingly, it appears to be very strange. From the appearance of other-worldly creatures to the inflatable tube men that line the dirt road, it’s clear that the ranch in the Nope trailer is not a safe place to be.

While the Nope trailer seems to hint that aliens could be involved, Peele is known for his twisty plots so there is no telling what the actual movie has in store for audiences. Like the tethered in Us, there is sure to be more than meets the eye in the actual movie. This is made clear in the final moments when Palmer’s character is seemingly abducted by something in the air, calling back to the first poster for Nope, which feautres a cloud with a tail of flags hanging from it over a brightly lit town. This image can be briefly seen in the video, but the origins of this mysterious cloud remian unclear. With a July 2022 release date, the Nope trailer is the first of many reveals for Peele’s Us follow-up and it seems like it will only further cement him as one of the greatest horror directors working today.

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