Julia & Brandon’s Cutest Winter 2022 Pics Ranked


Brandon and Julia know how to put together a coordinated look, and this winter the 90 Day Fiancé stars showed off their fashionable and cozy attire.

Stars Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise have been enjoying the tail end of the winter season this year and on social media they’ve shared some great coordinated fashion looks. These winter photos are the perfect example of what makes Julia and Brandon such a cute couple.

Though the couple had some rocky times after Julia arrived in Virginia at the start of her 90 day K1-visa period, but most fans never doubted that they would end up together. There was definitely friction between Julia and her new in-laws Ron and Betty, and all of them living under the same roof caused some tension.


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However, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the couple finally moved off the farm and got their own apartment so Brandon and Julia could actually start their lives together. Since then the two have given fans insight into their lives on Instagram, and this winter they’ve shared several great pics.

3. Winter Fur

Julia and Brandon started off the year sporting cozy winter looks. January can be frosty in Virginia and the weather can get wet and snowy too. In this photo, Brandon and Julia’s coats look like they’d hold up well to the winds of winter, and with coordinating (hopefully faux) fur trimmed hoods, the couple looks stylish. Julia’s jacket is particularly fashionable with a light pink lining and pink fur, and the couple looks adorable.

2. Dog Lovers

It’s clear that Brandon and Julia are very into their dog Simba, a German shepherd that they got not long after Julia moved to the U.S. Simba is especially bonded to Julia, and he goes bonkers whenever Julia returns from a long trip. This winter the couple got matching PJs with Simba’s face all over them. Julia and Brandon haven’t discussed having children, but they’ve already got a baby, and it’s Simba.

1. Green With Envy

This winter the couple has been hitting the slopes on the regular and having fun in the snow. Sometimes they go skiing, but for this snowboarding outing Julia and Brandon donned bright green snow onesies. The outfits provide both fashion and safety, because even surrounded by the snow on the mountain, you can spot them from a mile away. These green snow jumpsuits are one of the best coordinated looks Brandon and Julia have ever shared, and they look sharp.

There’s still more time left in winter, but 90 Day Fiancé stars Brandon and Julia don’t mind because they look great in their seasonal attire. While most of us are just trying to stay warm, this franchise couple has put style first and are impressing their followers with expertly-matched looks.

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Source: Julia Trubkina/Instagram, Brandon Gibbs/Instagram

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