League of Legends’ New Trend of Enchanter Tops Slated for Nerfs


League of Legends developer Riot Games has revealed that it is prioritizing coming up with a nerf for the currently popular Enchanter top trend.

The latest Enchanter top trend of League of Legends is now slated for nerfs according to developer Riot Games. Enchanters are champions that usually fill in a support role and spend most of their time either buffing or protecting their more offense-oriented teammates with their abilities. Support champions are usually considered as easier to play than other types that fill in other roles in the team.

For the unfamiliar, the Enchanter top trend involves players picking LoL Enchanter champions such as Lulu, with the Smite summoner spell then taking them to the top lane. Players then usually abandon the lane in favor of either helping out their team’s jungler, invading the enemy’s jungle with Smite, and roaming around for ganks in the other lanes. While doing so will mean falling behind in lane gold and objectives against the opposing top lane player, picking an Enchanter means there’s less of a drawback and the strategy ultimately benefits the entire team.


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League of Legends Design Lead Matt Leung-Harrison recently tweeted (via Dexerto) about the current Enchanter top trend, saying that the studio is aware that players are disappointed that a fix was not included in the game’s latest patch. However, Leung-Harrison adds that finding a solution for the issue is a priority for the developers at the moment, seemingly being planned alongside new League of Legends additions like Renata. While a nerf has yet to be finalized, the designer says that once the studio is able to “gain confidence” in one then rolling it out will become the priority.

The League of Legends‘ Enchanter top trend is just one of the many strategies that both pro and casual players have come up with during the game’s seasons, which usually see significant enough changes that either new strategies end up being invented or old strategies become somehow viable again. The game’s current 12th season began just last month and has already introduced several champions to the game’s already massive roster, including its latest LoL marksman Zeri.

Hopefully, Riot Games is able to find a proper solution to the ongoing Enchanter top trend sooner rather than later so as not to spoil the relatively young League of Legends season so early. To be fair, the problem is not an easy one to solve, so it may take some time before anything changes. In the meantime, League of Legends players are left to either follow the trend or find some way to counter it on their own.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: Matt Leung-Harrison/Twitter (via Dexerto)

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