Meet Kristin Squire, A Digital Artist Dedicated To Making Sure Others Feel Seen


We are back with another amazing artist for our plus size artist series!

Today we are chatting with Kristin Squire, a 32 year old freelance graphic designer and a body positive illustrator for women of color, based in Baltimore, MD! She has 10 plus years of graphic design experience, and centers plus size women of color in her art. We love her art, and we are sure you will, too!

Kristin Squire  Meet the artist
Image: Kristin Squire/ Instagram

Meet Kristin Squire Of KSquireDesigns and Fat Girl Love!

Mayra Mejia: What type of art do you create?

Kristin Squire: I create digital art that focuses on celebrating fat/plus/curvy women of color living their best life by simply existing, doing activities,hanging with friends or doing whatever they want.

Mayra Mejia: What inspires your art, how did you get started?

Kristin Squire: Women inspire me specifically Women of color! There is not a day that goes by where I am not amazed by something a woman created or accomplished! I’m not sure when I started paying attention to plus size models/influencers but watching them gave me some self acceptance to be present and learn to love the body that I have. Especially since I did not have this type of representation growing up.

I started in the graphic design field in 2007 so I have always been involved in art making. I started focusing on digital art in the beginning of the pandemic. Figure drawing and digital art was a challenge I wanted to sit down and learn because it was a hard concept for me to grasp.

Mayra Mejia: Besides being an artist, what are some of your other passions?

Kristin Squire: Some of my passions are crafting and reading fiction novels. I love finding new trends in the crafting community just to experiment. From paper crafts to jewelry making! I also love reading fiction novels that involve fantasy, sci-fi etc. It’s something about being immersed into a different world that excites me.

Mayra Mejia:What/how do you want people to feel when looking at your art?

Kristin Squire: I want people to feel seen, appreciated and loved. I know how it feels to be overlooked and judged based on your appearance. So I want people to know that I create specifically for plus sized bodies because we deserve to be represented in all things.

I always think of when you try to find your name on a keychain or mug but you never find it or its misspelled. I’ve always hated that feeling. Like damn why am I not included. I want to represent some inclusivity with my art to help diminish that specific feeling.

Mayra Mejia:Where can we find your artwork?

Kristin Squire: Etsy: FatGirlLove


Mayra Mejia: Do you have any upcoming projects or drops you would like us to know about?

Kristin Squire: I’m a lover of all things cute and quirky so my keychains will be dropping on June 19th!

My next upcoming project will be a nude plant series and starting the process of developing enamel pins!

Did you enjoy this week’s artist spotlight? Know of an artist you’d love for us to feature? Let us know in the comments!

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