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The core gameplay loop of Meet Your Maker sees players challenge Outposts built by others online, raiding these structures with various tricks and winning strategies. However, players may struggle to overcome these diabolical constructions, which are swarming with different traps, enemies, and other frustrations. It can be hard to find the right approach considering how unique each Outpost might be, but players are able to follow some general tips to improve their raiding skills.

Meet Your Maker divides players into two categories, either Builders or Raiders. Builders are the masterminds behind an Outpost, designing every obstacle and packing in hordes of powerful foes for Raiders to take on. Every Raider tries to find an item called a GenMat while infiltrating an Outpost, which may be used to upgrade a player’s character and unlock new equipment. Raiders should not underestimate the creativity of Builders, as many Outposts are made with the intent of protecting this GenMat at all costs.

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Always Follow the Harvester

Meet Your Maker Harvester Draining Energy from GenMat as Main Objective of Raiding an Outpost

When Raiders begin outside an Outpost, they might notice a small, robotic companion named The Harvester leading the way forward. This miniature friend has a set path toward the GenMat at every base, essentially leading players right to their goal from the start.

Following the Harvester is a great way for players to know the main direction toward the GenMat, as the adorable machine usually takes the most straightforward path.

Unfortunately, the Harvester can be destroyed by traps or Raiders accidentally while traveling inside an Outpost. Many Builders design traps to specifically destroy the Harvester, getting rid of the Raiders only guaranteed guide within a base. Raiders need to stay ahead of the Builder’s plans, going ahead of the Harvester at times to trigger traps themselves. Since only one Harvester spawns for Raiders for an entire Outpost’s exploration, they only have one chance to protect the robot.

Discover What Threats Await in Outposts

Meet Your Maker Warmonger Guard Type that Focuses on Close-Range Combat Against Raiders

Sometimes the architectural sadism and unbalanced enjoyment of Meet Your Maker as a Raider comes from knowing exactly what a Builder can throw out. Raiders that understand the four guard types and nine trap types they could encounter are far more prepared for the challenges of an Outpost.

Each trap and guard serve a completely different purpose and pose a distinct threat from one another, trying to catch Raiders by surprise. Those that study these potential threats have a far better chance of surviving as they navigate deeper and deeper into an Outpost.



Iron Claw

Latches onto a target within range, pulling them toward a certain block’s position.


Creates a hologram that looks like a bedrock block, which disappears when Raiders approach its activation range.


Spikes shoot out from an attached block’s surface, damaging anyone within range.

Corrosive Cube

Has a set path that kills anyone that steps into it. Cannot be destroyed.

Death Piston

Generates a piston that shoots outward at set intervals to destroy anything it touches. Continues to activate indefinitely until destroyed.

Bolt Shot

Single-use block that fires a volley of projectile bolts.


Shoots out a wall of fire over a great distance as long as a Raider sits in its activation range. Continues to activate indefinitely until destroyed.

Bomb Ejector

Releases multiple bouncing bombs that explode after a timer expires.

Plasma Sentinel

A block expels a plasma ball that sticks to any surface for a period of time, firing projectiles at Raiders continuously until destroyed.




A sub-clone that shoots bolts at Raiders, specializing in mid-range combat.


A sub-clone that lobs explosives at Raiders through a cannon on its back.


A large sub-clone with heavy blades embedded onto their arms that chases and slashes Raiders at close-range.


A flying sub-clone that fires plasma bolts that slightly home onto Raiders from long-range.

Make Sacrifices to Succeed

Meet Your Maker video game, with a first person perspective of the player holding a machine gun aiming at monsters with glowing red energy.

A good tip to remember when raiding an Outpost would be to not be afraid of failure while exploring. Builders inevitably will catch Raiders unaware at some point with traps or guards they couldn’t possibly expect. Taking every life lost as a lesson helps Raiders get better at tackling the challenges presented as they get better and better at running through a particular Outpost.

Taking time to die and memorizing where certain traps or guards are located helps Raiders to form a better plan of attack.

Another rule of thumb players might want to follow is to save a difficult Outpost for later after they have gotten more upgrades. Unlocking different items in Meet Your Maker such as suits, weapons, or even boosts could be the deciding factor needed to overcome an Outpost that Raiders are really struggling against.

While it may be frustrating to save an Outpost for later, having the right gear for the most brutal bases might be exactly what aids players to defeat the contraptions of even the most cunning Builders.

Recruit Friends to Raid Bases

Meet Your Maker Teaming Up with a Friend for Co-Op Multiplayer in Collaborative Mode Only for Outpost Raids or Base Building

One of the best strategies at a Raider’s disposal would be to include a friend in their attempts to raid an Outpost. Playing with a friend in Meet Your Maker‘s multiplayer puts the skills of two capable Raiders against the mind of one Builder, increasing the odds of success dramatically. Two heads are better than one, as one Raider can keep an eye out for traps while the other engages with the guards or protects the Harvester in a given room.

Players worried about how their rewards are impacted when teaming up with a friend shouldn’t be worried, as both Raiders are able to gain the same amount of upgrade material from GenMats as they typically would. In fact, working with an ally increases the rate in which players unlock new gear, as Outposts can be overcome much faster in most cases.

Even on greater difficulties that include more traps and guards, Raiders that use these strategies in Meet Your Maker have a great opportunity to collect many more GenMats and outwit even the most dastardly Builders.

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    Meet Your Maker


    Behaviour Interactive

    Behaviour Interactive

    Action, Strategy, First-Person Shooter

    Online Multiplayer

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    Meet Your Maker tasks players with building and raiding in a post-apocalyptic world, with all levels designed by other players. In this first-person experience, Players will shift between acting as a designer of an insidious trap-filled labyrinth or as an infiltrator that enters other players’ creations to gather pure genetic material to survive. Additionally, players can adjust their loadout to challenge dungeons however they see fit – every death is just another lesson learned, revealing a new strategy each time. Finally, every successful raid attempt will give players new traps, weapons, and gear to reinforce their creations or improve their chances of success. Meet Your Maker is an asynchronous game with multiplayer and single-player elements and will have a closed beta test on August 23rd, with a full release later in late 2022 or early 2023.


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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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