Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer May Accidentally Spoil Big Story Change


The most recent Resident Evil 4 Remake trailer spoils a massive change in the original game’s story. The Resident Evil Remakes have a habit of changing minor elements of the classic Resident Evil plots while leaving the overall effect of the games intact. Resident Evil 2 Remake, for example, has Leon and Claire meet at a gas station on the Raccoon City limits in a brief, new playable section of the story, instead of meeting at the site of the outbreak. RE4 Remake looks set to make many similar small changes.


One such change involves a supporting character from the original game, Luis Sera. Luis is a biological researcher who formerly assisted Osmund Saddler as a member of Los Illuminados. However, after realizing that Saddler was infecting the locals with Las Plagas, Luis defected from the organization-turned-cult. Leon, the main character of RE4, meets Luis and forms a tentative alliance with him, bonding as they fight their way out past the hordes of infected in the famous cabin sequence. Sadly, Luis doesn’t last very long. He is killed in Chapter 3, Part 3, when Saddler himself impales him with one of his malformed tentacles. RE4 Remake may change Luis’ fate, however.

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Luis Sera Survives Longer In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Luis Sera as he appears in the remake of Resident Evil 4.

The third RE4 Remake trailer shows Luis alive and accompanying Leon through later sections of the game, past where he normally would have died. In the mineshaft section, he can be seen fighting off infected, and he also helps out in Leon’s fight with two of the El Gigantes. Along with the mine cart section, Luis seems to feature heavily throughout this part of the game. Contrasting against the more mature Leon, the trailer devotes almost half of its runtime to Luis’ laid-back persona, seemingly building him as a very important character, meaning it’s possible that RE4 Remake will use this chapter to further build our connection to Luis.

Luis Sera May Be Killed By Jack Krauser In Resident Evil 4 Remake

A screenshot from the trailer for Resident Evil 4 Remake highlighting what is potentially Luis' dead body in the foreground.

Building that connection is necessary if RE4 Remake plans on making Luis’ new death scene even harder to bear. A few frames from the trailer suggest this may be the case: just before Leon is attacked by Jack Krauser, a knife can clearly be seen sticking up in the foreground out of a body. When the image is brightened, it becomes clear that the body is wearing a brown jacket and gray pants similar to Luis’ outfit. Although this is far from confirmed, Luis’ death here would fit with the new gameplay footage.

Additionally, the biggest RE4 trailer change is the inclusion of the knife and Krauser’s appearance shortly after. This suggests that Krauser killed Luis this time, not Saddler. While the original RE4 had a quick time event cutscene in which Leon battles Krauser, the trailer shows that RE4 Remake will feature a proper full-on fight with Krauser. Having Krauser kill Luis just beforehand will make this fight that much more personal for Leon, and the player will be more invested since they will have spent more time with Luis.

While this is only speculation at the moment, it seems unlikely that Capcom decided to include these few frames of Luis’ body just to trick attentive fans. More likely, RE4 Remake has decided that Leon and Krauser’s rivalry is more important to build than Saddler’s menace. If Saddler does not kill Luis in this reimagined Resident Evil story, it will be interesting to see how Capcom instead executes Saddler’s introduction to still create an aura of fear around him. This change to Luis’ fate will likely ripple out to cause many other small story changes in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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