RHOC: Why Fans Think Emily Simpson Is A Pot Stirrer


RHOC fans think that Emily Simpson is being a pot stirrer this season. Many accuse her of trying to create drama because of a lack of storyline.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 is well underway and fans are accusing Emily Simpson of being a pot-stirrer. Emily joined the RHOC cast in season 13, during a time she called “her midlife-crisis.” She and fellow RHOC newcomer Gina Kirschenheiter buddied up and became real-life BFFs. RHOC viewers loved how authentic Emily and Gina’s friendship was and they soon became fan-favorites. However, Emily is not getting so much love from fans on RHOC season 16.

RHOC season 16 was a big change-up from the previous seasons. The OGs Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge left the franchise and Heather Dubrow came back after taking a five year break. Shannon Beador, who was part of Vicki and Tamra’s clique, suddenly found herself solo. Shannon tried to bond with Emily and Gina, but she was thrown under the bus when she revealed that Heather’s friend Nicole Weiss had sued Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow years ago. Although Emily and Gina promised not to tell Heather, they spilled the beans during Heather’s sushi party. Emily further stirred the pot by asking a blindsided Nicole, who was at the party, for details about the lawsuit.


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Fans thought that Shannon got the brunt of the blame for sharing Terry’s lawsuit. Emily and Gina got off scot-free, while Shannon had to face Heather’s wrath. Shannon had been trying to build a better relationship with Heather, but unfortunately, that took a hit. During a lunch with Shannon and RHOC newcomer Jen Armstrong, Emily asked Shannon if she was jealous that Heather and Gina were becoming close. Shannon looked taken aback and said she wasn’t. Prior to that lunch, Gina confided to Emily that Shannon seemed jealous of her new skincare line, and fans felt that Emily was again stirring the pot to make trouble for Shannon.

Emily Simpson in a confessional for RHOC

Many RHOC fans think that Emily doesn’t have much of a storyline this season, so she has to create drama to stay relevant. In RHOC season 15, Emily opened up about her marital problems with her husband, Shane Simpson. She shared how she felt frustrated holding down the fort while Shane studied for his bar exam. Soon afterward, Shane tested positive for Covid-19 and had to admit himself to the hospital, where things were serious for a while. Emily wasn’t sure if Shane was going to make it, but thankfully, he was able to make a full recovery. RHOC‘s Shannon also got Covid-19 last season, and fans saw her struggle while she tried to deal with it.

During this RHOC season, Emily and Shane’s marriage seem fairly drama-free. Emily shared that she and Shane put in a lot of work to get to a better place in their marriage. Shane also finally passed the bar exam after flunking four times, which Emily celebrated by throwing him a party. During the celebration, fans thought that Emily tried to stir up drama when she asked Jen a lot of probing questions about her personal life. Fans don’t know if it’s the lawyer in Emily or if she’s simply trying to create drama, but they agree that she is definitely stirring the pot in The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16.

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