The 10 Best Episodes Of The Original Show, According To IMDb


With upcoming projects like Velma keeping classic Hanna-Barbera properties in the spotlight, other series like The Jetsons are bound to make a modern reappearance soon. The family of the future had viewers watching in droves in the early-’60s, and their relatable foibles endear them to fans even today.

Whether they were struggling with their robot maid or locked in a family feud, the Jetsons were a lot like the people watching, even if they lived in the distant future. Though every original episode of the series is a gem, some outings earned much higher marks on IMDb.


The Good Little Scouts (S1.E6) – 7.2

George leads a scout troop on the moon in The Jetsons

Even though he lived in a future where every theoretical need could be met by technology, George Jetson often found himself jumping through corporate hoops at work, as any 20th-century viewer did. “The Good Little Scouts” sees George agree to lead Elroy’s scout troop after learning his boss’ son is a member.

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Like always, George’s attempt to ingratiate himself with his boss failed miserably, and he ended up causing more harm than good by the end. The strength of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the ’60s was their humor, but they also were as relatable as any live-action sitcom of the time.

Miss Solar System (S1.E20) – 7.2

Mr. Spacely admires a picture for the Miss Solar System pageant in The Jetsons

Unfortunately reflecting the mood of the time, The Jetsons wasn’t necessarily very progressive with views towards women, and often reinforced outdated gender roles in their stories. However, “Miss Solar System” bucked that trend and saw Jane Jetson sign up for a beauty pageant, only to find that her husband is one of the panelists.

Though she is remembered as one of the best moms in TV history, Jane’s fun side got to shine through in the episode, and the premise was surprisingly rich for a cartoon. George and Jane’s relationship structure is analyzed, and the viewer comes away with a deeper understanding of Jane’s desires than they had before.

The Space Car (S1.E4) – 7.2

A police officer pulls over George and Jane from The Jetsons

Mistaken identity is still a common sitcom trope that is used abundantly today, and the Jetson family sure knew how to get themselves into big misunderstandings. The episode “The Space Car” follows George and Jane as they are mistaken for dangerous criminals when they visit the local car dealership.

The humor of the story is derived from just how quickly everything escalates, and the complicated web of miscommunication that almost leads to George and Jane’s arrest. One of the main themes of the entire series was illustrated well in the episode and showed that even massive advancements in technology can’t eliminate goofy human error.

A Visit From Grandpa (S1.E11) – 7.3

Montague Jetson flies by as the family watches in shock from The Jetsons

The main Jetson clan was often a handful on their own, but the addition of extended family usually meant twice the silliness. The Jetsons find their life is thrown out of whack by the arrival of George’s grandfather in the aptly titled episode “A Visit from Grandpa.”

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Montague was a hoot and his bizarre activity was in direct conflict with the straight-laced nature of the Jetson family. Caught between his desire for order and his love for his kin, George is put in a tough spot when trying to confront his elder. The story’s abundant humor disguises an internal conflict that defines George as a character.

Rosey The Robot (S1.E1) – 7.4

A salesman introduces Rosey the Robot to a skeptical Jane from The Jetsons

Often as lovable as the family she worked for, Rosey the Robot is one of the most memorable Hanna-Barbera characters of all time. Starting the series off on the right foot, “Rosey the Robot” follows the Jetson family as they adjust to life with their new robotic maid.

By speculating about the possibilities of the future, The Jetsons took interesting ideas and showed the audience every way that things could go hilariously wrong. Rosey would eventually become a fixture in the family, but her disruptive antics aren’t too far off from the intrusive technology that has been introduced to make people’s lives easier in real life.

The Coming Of Astro (S1.E5) – 7.4

Elroy hugs Astro as Jane looks on from The Jetsons

Once again dipping into the well of overused sitcom cliches, “The Coming of Astro” is still a fresh story because of The Jetsons‘ unique setting. Elroy causes a rift in the house when he rescues a dog named Astro despite the fact that George doesn’t want pets.

Just a few episodes into the series, the arrival of Astro would cement the Jetson family dynamic that has survived for 60 years. Viewers always knew that George would come around to loving the pooch eventually, but it was nevertheless a fun time watching his precious balance be offset by the boisterous canine.

Las Venus (S1.E13) – 7.4

The Dean Martian casino floats in space from The Jetsons

Even the best TV couples need to spice up their lives once in a while, and the Jetson duo went all out on their second honeymoon. Getting away from the kids, George and Jane visit the city of Las Venus in order to let loose for the weekend.

As always, George’s uptight nature clashes with Jane’s desire to let her hair down, and their relationship is strained by a vacation that was supposed to be fun. Las Venus was a clever spin on Las Vegas, and the fans got another glimpse into the futuristic world that the Jetson family inhabits.

Uniblab (S1.E10) – 7.4

George plays cards with Uniblab from The Jetsons

Even in the distant future, work is still a nightmare for George Jetson, and his big mouth rarely helped him in getting ahead. “Uniblab” sees the Jetson patriarch ecstatic when he believes he is a shoo-in for a big promotion. Unfortunately, things quickly begin to fall apart for George when a machine called Uniblab takes his spot.

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George’s clash with automation was a surprisingly prescient idea for a show from the early ’60s, and the story is a nice mix of character and setting to deliver a hilarious outcome. As the episode ages, viewers can relate more and more to George as he finds himself made almost obsolete by the titular Uniblab.

Jetson’s Nite Out (S1.E3) – 7.5

Jane watches the football game from The Jetsons

George’s work life often came into conflict with his life at home, and the episode “Jetson’s Nite Out” put that idea to the forefront. Mr. Spacely gets tickets to the big football game and invites George along, and the pair must concoct a story to convince their wives that they are working late.

Though the story is a bit outdated and casts Jane as a rigid and nagging housewife, it is still a classic sitcom premise adapted well by the folks at Hanna-Barbera. Much like its contemporary The Flintstones, viewers were comforted by the fact that the mundane moments of life aren’t all that different in other eras.

The Flying Suit (S1.E7) – 7.5

George is hit by a space car in The Jetsons

Any new technology experiences growing pains, and “The Flying Suit” showed that some could be more painful than others. George accidentally comes into possession of a flying suit that is meant to put Mr. Spacely out of business, and in the process thinks that Elroy invented a pill that allows the user to fly.

The brilliance of the episode is that it sets up a massive change only to essentially return to where it started at the beginning. Misunderstandings layer on top of one another, and George’s own desire to get ahead in life is his downfall like always. Few episodes put The Jetsons‘ futuristic premise to good use like “The Flyings Suit.”

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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