The Best Weapons to Get First in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


There are many different weapons for players to find in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but some are best to get first during the game’s early missions. Depending on which Attribute players decide to focus on when building their character, some weapons work best with certain strategies compared to others. However, the best weapons in the starting chapters of the story tend to have universal advantages that players can apply to their customized scales for any Attribute.

Along with the tricks and strategies for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that players should investigate when finding the best beginning weapon(s), the relationship between Attribute and Spirit needs to be considered. Several weapons are better suited to the Wood Attribute in the initial stages of the game and are usually the perfect tools for learning combat mechanics due to their balanced stats. Players are also heavily recommended to search for weapons with high Spirit damage, which can break an opponent’s guard faster, like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice‘s posture system.

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Unleash Firey Strikes With The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Dual Swords Weapon with Fast Attack Speed But Not Much Damage Value

Dual Swords emphasize pure offense as a weapon that unleashes attack after attack in quick succession. Sacrificing defense for greater damage, players might have to increase their Dragon Cure Pot capacity in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty swiftly to make up for the hits they’ll inevitably take from this weapon type. The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords are the apex of Dual Swords early on, with perhaps the highest base attack speed of any starting weapon in the game.

The Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords is given to players as a reward for completing The Demon Fort of Yellow Heaven mission.

Despite the minor damage the Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords do per attack, the sheer number of strikes players can perform more than make up for this weakness. When channeled through the Fire Attribute, players can chain their offense into ridiculous increases of their Spirit Gauge against any enemy. Frankly, the blinding attack speed of this weapon makes it an almost broken tool for taking down the hard-to-beat bosses of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Maximize Wood Attribute’s Potential With The White Wooden Cudgel

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wood Attribute Skill Path with Larger HP Increases Per Level Up

Recognized as the most well-rounded weapon for players just tackling Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the White Wooden Cudgel is a simple piece of equipment that could last an entire playthrough. This weapon has the innate ability to restore additional Spirit whenever the player lands a melee attack. Since every aspect of combat revolves around the player’s and their enemies’ Spirit Gauge management, the Cudgel remains reliable regardless of the situation.

Where the White Wooden Cudgel really shines, though, is through the Wood Attribute tree, taking its above-average range and speed to even better heights. Since the Wood Attribute improves the player’s Spirit Duration at higher levels, players are more than likely to find a ton of success wielding this tool often. Players can get this weapon close to one of the Battle Flags in the Village of Calamity mission from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty or from basic enemies found in that chapter.

Discover Defensive Systems Through The Ring Pommel Sabre

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Deflect Mechanic That Breaks Spirit Gauge of Enemies

The earliest weapon players can get the Ring Pommel Sabre, which acts as the first actual weapon they are given. An upgraded version of this blade comes from the basic enemies on the first mission, so players should try to find that variation before investing in any upgrades. The prominent feature of the Sabre connects to the game’s innate Deflect system, or the player’s ability to deflect enemy attacks before getting hit.

Every weapon in the game has a “Deflect Difficulty” rating, as tools with higher proficiency in this department are more easily able to block any strike dealt by foes.

As players might expect, the Ring Pommel Sabre has an excellent Deflect Difficulty rating that allows them to guard against enemies with simple precision. When comparing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to the Nioh series, this mechanic introduces players to defensive strategy far sooner through an easy commitment to this weapon. The Sabre also has an average range with an excellent striking speed, making it a perfect instrument to teach players the pace of combat.

Balance Magic and Physical Attacks With The Podao (Curved Sabre)

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Main Character Fighting Enemy and Seemingly Dealing Finishing Blow

Players that invest early into the Metal Attribute path rely more on Spells, with upgrades leading to increases in Spirit Sustainability and Spell Cost Reduction. Yet, spells alone will not be enough to challenge every opponent, leaving room for players to use the Podao (Curved Sabre) as a weapon. The Curved Sabre doesn’t provide any direct benefits to Spells, but it does have an extended attack range and above-average strike speed to protect a magic user at close-range to create enough space for magic casting.

Unlike the magical dominance seen in Elden Ring, Spell wielders in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty needs weapons like the Curved Sabre to build opportunities for magic. Finding this weapon during the Two Chivalrous Heroes mission through an enemy drop or chest gives players a chance to have better space control for abilities from the Metal Attribute route. Additionally, even the basic version of the Curved Sabre provides a significant boost to HP, which is always helpful in the early parts of the game.

Deal Massive Damage Through The Bronze Poleaxe

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Bronze Poleaxe Weapon Used for Tank Builds through the Wood Attribute Path

For many players of games such as the Nioh series or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a tank build demonstrates a risky playstyle due to slow movement for highly satisfying, unrivaled damage values. No early weapon encapsulates this ideal more than the Bronze Poleaxe, found among enemies by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty‘s healing Flags throughout the Valley of the Crying Wraiths mission. This weapon has excellent range and, thankfully, not a severe lack of mobility that players might see on other heavier weapons in the game. With a balanced mix of consistent range, ludicrous damage, and reliable striking speed, the Poleaxe may serve players well as one of the best weapons to get first in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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