The Cuphead Show! Has 36 Episodes Already Planned


Ahead of its February release, the producers of Netflix’s animated series The Cuphead Show! confirm it’s been commissioned for at least 36 episodes.

Netflix’s upcoming The Cuphead Show! has already been commissioned for an impressive 36 episodes. The animated series, adapted from the video game Cuphead, is helmed by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, who are also the visionaries behind the show’s source material. Just like its video game counterpart, The Cuphead Show! will follow the adventures of Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they traverse a nostalgia-inducing universe full of strange creatures and creepy oddities.

Renowned for its throwback visuals and incredibly difficult gameplay, Cuphead has only increased in popularity in the years since its 2017 release. Both the game and show channel the rubber hose animation style seen in early cartoons, harkening back to the early days of animation. The recent trailer for the show also confirmed that the story-driven series will thematically stick close to the game’s tone, with dark, slapstick humor present throughout each episode. The trailer also confirmed that the show will feature many familiar faces and locales that will be instantly recognizable to gamers. One such familiar face is Cuphead’s nemesis, the devil himself.


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Although The Cuphead Show! is yet to make its debut, Netflix has already commissioned a total of 36 episodes for the upcoming series. The news, shared by Animation Magazine from an interview with the show’s production team, also confirmed that certain story arcs in the show will span over two or three episodes. While executive producer Dave Wasson confirmed that episode runtime will usually clock in at “something like 10 1/2 or 11 minutes,” the article also states that some storylines will arc multiple episodes. Check out the full post below:

“We were originally using the old theatrical shorts as a model for structure… but we found it was hard to stay within a seven-minute format. These stories wanted to be a little longer, so it caps off at something like 10 1/2 or 11 minutes, though each episode is a little different in running time.”

The Cuphead Show screenshot

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the news is Netflix’s confidence in the production. Netflix is becoming increasingly less shy about canceling shows before they have time to find their feet, the live-action adaption of Cowboy Bebop being the most recent example to undergo the streaming service’s latest purge. However, The Cuphead Show! has a strong pedigree behind it, and with the game producers on board to steer the series in the right direction, it’s hard to see how the show could go wrong.

With Cuphead establishing itself as a modern cult classic, it’s easy to see why Netflix is keen to make the TV adaptation a success. The show also joins the upcoming Halo TV series and the Super Mario Bros. animated movie in a resurgence of adaptions that could break the curse on the video game adaptation genre. The Cuphead Show! will bring the wild antics of Cuphead and co. to a wider audience when it begins streaming on February 18th.

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Source: Animation Magazine

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