The Justice League Need Their Own Olympics


DC One Million #1 sees Wonder Woman suggest the idea of an Olympics-like competition for superheroes, a potentially golden idea DC should explore.

It looks like Wonder Woman said what finally needs to be said: the Justice League needs their own Olympics. The event crossover DC One Million sees the team invited to a display of their powers, with Diana being a solid endorser of the idea.

The Justice League is composed of some of the most powerful people in the DC Universe. From mighty aliens to super-powered speedsters and even the mightiest mortals, the League has numerous individuals capable of pretty impressive feats. Of course with so many powerful figures, there’s always the question of who comes out on top. Superman and Batman may be the World’s Finest, but how does Clark’s strength compare to Martian Manhunter’s, or Bruce’s wit against the Flash? Sure, fans get to see how heroes stack up against one another in an occasional fight, but never in a professional and sporting environment.


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So Wonder Woman may have a point that an Olympics-like event could be a good thing for the crew of heroes to undertake. She showed an interest in DC One Million #1 by Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks when the Justice League meets their counterparts from the 853rd century. Justice Legion Alpha, the future version of the Justice League, have ventured back in time to celebrate the return of Superman after spending one hundred centuries in the core of the sun. After wrapping their heads around the legacy they leave behind, the League is invited to come to the 853rd century to compete in a series of challenges that will test their skills. While a few members express a reluctance to visit the future, Diana shows no issue with the idea. In fact, Wonder Woman admits she’s always been on board with the idea of an Olympics for superhumans.

Wonder Woman’s Olympics Is What The League Needs

Wonder Woman Justice League Olympics DC Comics

It’s not as though the heroes of the DC Universe aren’t used to testing their skills against one another. After all, the racing matches Superman and Flash remains one of the world’s most beloved events. Not to mention, friendly competition for the DCU’s heroes has always been a great opportunity for charity (because who doesn’t want to see someone try to outswim Aquaman?). There’s pretty much nothing to lose when it comes to creating a competition for the heroes, so maybe Wonder Woman has the right idea.

It’s not just that the people in-universe would get a kick out of a superhero themed Olympics. Real-life fans of DC Comics would almost certainly be into a title dedicated to showing off the DC Universe’s best competing against one another. The sports competition genre is pretty popular in the manga sphere, and chances are a title like that would do pretty well for DC. It would be a great opportunity for a low-stakes, but still fun book that can show readers what the heroes are capable of. The Justice League would do well to take Wonder Woman’s suggestion and see what kind of tournament they could put together.

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