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Since 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 is almost over, it’s time to look back at the biggest feuds of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, including the fresh disputes created during the Tell-All. Six Americans participated in the 2023 version of the TLC show, to unfold storylines about them moving to a new country to get married. Out of the six couples, only four 90 Day Fiancé: TOW couples stayed together, while only one appears to be happily married.

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 had its fair share of arguments and tantrums. There were fireworks between families, friends, and the couples themselves. However, when the cast members all came together for the reunion, the gloves really came off, and the claws were out.



10 Yohan Geronimo & Taylen Alexander

Yohan Taylen Daniele in 90 Day Fiance sitting at table talking

Daniele is from the United States, so when she moved to the Dominican Republic, she needed friends. When she learned that a pal of hers named Taylen Alexander was coming to the country, Daniele wanted to meet up with him. She let Yohan know about this, but didn’t immediately tell him that Taylen was her ex-boyfriend. To Yohan, being friends with an ex is abnormal, and that’s why he wasn’t comfortable with Daniele meeting Taylen, whom she’d dated for five months. When Yohan met Taylen, he asked him about his shoe size, which meant he wanted to compare their penis sizes.

Daniele likes men with big penises,” Yohan told Daniele, and drove her to tears. He even asked Taylen if he would sleep with Daniele if she was okay with it. “You’re married, bro,” a shocked Taylen told Yohan. Yohan eventually agreed to fix his issues with Taylen by facing off in a game of basketball, and hugging at the game’s end.

9 Julien Aguero & Oussama Berber

debbie augero oussama 90 day fiance montage debbie in pink oussama wearing black

Debbie’s son Julian, a police officer and lieutenant, was totally against her moving to Morocco. Julian believed that Debbie was probably going to get “used and abused” by Oussama, who was a 24-year-old with no job. Debbie and Oussama’s relationship was full of red flags for Julian, who insisted that his mom arrange for prenup documents before making any hasty decisions. When Julian came face to face with Oussama at the Tell-All following Debbie’s breakup, he spoke rudely through the screen to Oussama. Julian called Oussama a, “stalker” a, “snake” and the, “biggest bull*******” he had ever met. Then, he asked him to go see a dentist.

8 Gabriel Paboga & Sister Monica

90 Day Fiancé star Gabe Paboga montage with two images of Gabe looking happy

Gabe’s sister Monica was introduced during his first episode on 90 Day Fiancé, and she was quick to warn him about moving to Colombia. Monica considered Gabe fickle, and questioned his decision-making. Gabe’s sister and mother weren’t happy about him getting engaged to Isabel, and while he was overjoyed to share the news, his mom and sister asked him to get a prenup. Monica was being overprotective of her brother, and ultimately decided not to attend Gabe and Isabel’s wedding. Gabe told Monica that, “she’s the one that creates problems” the night before the nuptials.

7 Jen’s Friends Randi & Myra & Rishi Singh

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4's Jen looking exasperated and Rishi smiling

In Jen’s case, it was her friends Randi and Myra who were more worried about her moving to India than her parents. Randi and Myra had not supported Jen during her first marriage, which ended in divorce. They suspected Rishi was fooling around, and believed he wasn’t the man she needed. Randi catfished Rishi. He started to chat with her, and even sent her an inappropriate photo of himself clad in a towel. When Randi confronted Rishi, he claimed he knew it was Jen’s friends catfishing him all along, which is why he blocked her, and deleted the messages.

6 Mahmoud El Sherbiny & Nicole’s Friend Nouran Salah

Nicole Nouran 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way talking outside

Mahmoud never wanted Nicole to make any friends or go out by herself when she moved to Egypt. Nonetheless, Nicole registered herself for a meditation class. However, she knew there would be no men there. Nicole befriended the yoga teacher, Nouran, a nonconservative Muslim Egyptian. Mahmoud wanted to meet the woman his wife was pals with. Nouran slammed Mahmoud by telling him that his wife was an adult, and could judge people by herself. She didn’t apporve of him not wanting Nicole to attend a co-ed yoga class. As the conversation got heated, Nouran labeled Mahmoud a, “typical Egyptian man.

5 Gabriel Paboga & Rishi Singh

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Rishi Singh montage with serious expressions

Jen and Rishi shocked their co-stars by confirming that they reconciled, after talking at a mutual friend’s wedding. Jen refused to confirm that they were engaged again, but as per Rishi, Jen was back to being his fiancee. Gabe was a cast member who attacked Rishi for not standing up to his family, by telling them he wanted to marry Jen, and that they couldn’t stop him from doing it. “Does your family know that you guys are engaged? Yes or no? And that’s all. At this moment, Gabe stated. He thinks Rishi has a habit of going around in circles, instead of answering tough questions.

4 Jen Boecher & Rishi’s Mom Shimla Singh

90 Day Fiancé's Jen Boecher with Rishi Singh and his mother montage

While Jen knows that Rishi is a, “mama’s boy” who will never choose her over his family, she still joined forces with the cast. She asked him to tell his mom that he will get married to her, come what may. As expected, Rishi wasn’t confident enough to confront his mom. His mom didn’t mince words. The parent told them that it was because of Jen’s age that they were not giving her and Rishi permission to marry. Shimla told Jen that her age was her only flaw, and that if she was six months to a year older than Rishi, it could have changed their decision.

Jen was visibly hurt by Shimla’s ageist comments. In a preview for Tell-All Part 3, Jen video called Rishi, and while speaking about how upset she was because of Shimla, said, “f*** her” to Rishi. Jen then told Rishi, “If I ever hear her say that again, we will never speak again.”

3 Gabriel Paboga & Mahmoud El Sherbiny

90 Day Fiance's Gabe Paboga and Mahmoud El Sherbiny looking serious

When Gabe and Nicole met for the first time backstage, she asked him, “Are you gonna tell him that today,” when he said he always wondered why Mahmoud would be so controlling of her. Gabe did keep his word when he started asking Mahmoud, “What happens if your child doesn’t want to be Muslim” when Mahmoud opened up about his upcoming move to the U.S. Gabe continued, “What if you have a daughter? Are you going to force her to wear a hijab?… I don’t think you should force religion on a child.” Mahmoud replied that it was none of his business, before showering Gabe with expletives, and leaving the Tell-All.

2 Jeymi Noguera & Kris Foster

Kris and Jeymi from 90 Day Fiancé looking up and away

Jeymi and Kris had already split up once when Kris ghosted Jeymi for a month. In turn, she started talking with another woman from Texas. Kris still moved countries to get married to Jeymi, but as soon as she did, she questioned Jeymi’s decision to rent an apartment that was $150 over Kris’ budget. Kris left Colombia immediately, saying she’d be back in two weeks, and it took five months until she saw Jeymi again. This meeting during Jeymi’s late birthday celebrations ended in a violent fight. with Kris aggressively pushing Jeymi. When the women met each other again during the Tell-All, it was time for another round of arguments.

1 Debbie Aguero & Rishi Singh

Although Jen had maintained that she wouldn’t make Rishi choose between their relationship and his family, Debbie started mocking Rishi by calling him a, “coward.” Instead of understanding that Rishi belongs to an entirely different culture than hers, Debbie asked Rishi, “Who comes first your partner or your family?” She accused Rishi of having no passion. Rishi said that Jen needed to go back, and while he was mid-sentence, Debbie started mocking his accent by repeating what he said. This came across as racist, and was completely uncalled for, given how successful her own 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way relationship was.


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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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