These 10 Hush Puppies Styles Will Instantly Elevate Your Outfits- And They’re ON SALE!


Are you looking for some new, cute shoe options for those late summer date nights, but aren’t a fan of heels? Whether you wanna give your tired feet a break, or find heels straight up uncomfortable – you can totally still elevate your outfit with the right pair of flats.

On Trend Flats from Hush Puppies

I was recently browsing the internet (as one does) and came across some SUPER cute flats… and to my surprise, they were Hush Puppies brand?! Like seriously yall, when did they start coming out with super cute, on trend styles?

The Hush Puppies brand is an American brand, founded in 1958, and was most definitely more of a practical shoe, known for its durable pigskin leather.

hush puppies ad from 1958
Hush Puppies ad from 1958.

The brand experienced a boom in 1994 and was even worn in several runways in 1995. They embodied the ‘cool’ and ‘casual’ vibe of the mid-’90s.

Hush Puppies ad from the November 1995 issue of Sassy Magazine.
Hush Puppies ad from the November 1995 issue of Sassy Magazine.

This is why I was surprised to see such a traditionally casual shoe offering such cute styles! Just in case I’m not the only one who wasn’t aware of this, I want to highlight some of my favorite Hush Puppy styles. Even better, they are currently on sale on Zulily! Be sure to grab them up before it’s too late!

Do you have a pair of Hush Puppies in your closet right now? I picked up two different styles and I was super impressed with how comfortable they are, as well as the quality of the shoes themselves!

If you are thinking of grabbing a pair (or more), I definitely suggest taking advantage of the sale currently going on over at Zulily! I saw some styles for as low as $25! They also have wide widths on sale, too.

If you missed out on the sale, no worries! Check out to see the full collection of styles to choose from!

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