Todrick Hall Regrets Getting Personal With Cast


Todrick Hall is opening up about his Celebrity Big Brother experience and admitting to regretting the “personal statements” he made about the cast.

Todrick Hall is opening up about his Celebrity Big Brother experience and admitting to regretting the “personal statements” he made about the cast. Todrick came in second place after playing to win season 3. While he proved to be a top competitor, it came at the expense of offending his housemates. By season’s end, Todrick refused to do any press because of all the backlash he was facing. But now Todrick is owning up to the shady remarks that made him one of the most disliked celebrity guests in the show’s history.

Todrick did an amazing job at hiding his diehard fanship of the show while playing. The RuPaul’s Drag Race star went into the house knowing exactly how he planned to win. Todrick even hung out with a number of show alums by inviting them over to his house once they were eliminated. He knew he had to get dirty to win but many people felt like he went too far. Chris Kirkpatrick, Shanna Moakler, Lamar Odom, and Todd Bridges have expressed their dislike or disappointment in Todrick for the “personal” jabs he took in many of the live stream footage that didn’t make it to the edited version of the show. Between slut-shaming Shanna, clapping during her elimination, and even making a comment about Chris’ parenting, Todrick made a number of unnecessary comments that had nothing to do with playing the game.


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Now that he’s promoting his tour, Todrick is ready to speak on his experience on the show and apologize for how many people he offended. “I’m happy with the game I played,” Todrick told ET. While he admits that he shouldn’t have made so many “personal statements” about the cast, Todrick says he has no regrets about appearing on the show. “I’ve learned a lot from it,” he added. He noted that he shouldn’t have “crossed into a personal level,” by making some low blow shady remarks about members of the cast. Todrick made sure to apologize for “a lot of things that offended people.” But for Todrick, “it was just a game,” he said.

Todrick Hall on Celebrity Big Brother 3 as HOH

Todrick easily became the villain on the show. While he managed to make it all the way to the end, he lost to Miesha Tate because of how much he rubbed everyone the wrong way. The cast shared their honest opinions when issuing the final verdict that crowned Miesha the winner. After Shanna’s elimination, she blasted Todrick for his shady gameplay. She also said his decision to clap when she was eliminated “was in poor taste.” Lamar called out Todrick for using his race to win over him and Todd. However, in the end, Lamar noticed how Todrick’s real alliance was with Miesha, who is white. Lamar credited Todrick for still being a growth process and having to grow up in front of the world.

Not everyone had negative things to say about Todrick. Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kressley both credited him for playing the game well. But Carson did note that Todrick played “recklessly.” While Todrick became a villain, he certainly made his mark on Celebrity Big Brother and will go down as one of the most memorable guests in the show’s history. If he does make a return in the future, he will likely change his approach to ensure he isn’t hurting anyone’s feelings on and off the show.

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