What Is The Success Rate Of The Couples From Season 1?


Dating shows don’t have a great reputation for producing couples who get married and stay that way. How did season 1 of Love Is Blind buck the trend?

After a long wait, Love Is Blind season 2 is on Netflix, and many fans are wondering how successful the season 1 couples were at finding a lasting relationship. The first batch of episodes features couples in the pods, at a retreat in Mexico and follows the start of their journey as six couples living in Chicago, and it’s anyone’s guess as to which ones — if any will get married in the end.

It may seem like forever ago that Love Is Blind season 1 premiered, when the pandemic had just begun and the new series gripped a nascent fanbase that had just learned what social distancing was. It might have been tempting to come into the show with a healthy bit of skepticism — dating shows, like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette – don’t generally end up in relationships that withstand the test of time. But Love Is Blind season 1, against all odds, bucked the trend, despite having a format that encouraged couples to get married in a relatively short time span.


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Three couples from season 1 out of the eight who got engaged (only six couples were featured) stayed together after season 1. Amber and Barnett got married, as did Lauren and Cameron, and after three years as a couple — the show filmed a year before it aired — they are both still together. Damian, who dumped Giannina at the altar, got back together with Giannina after the show and they continued to date for more than two years afterward. The relationship, however, was unstable from the start, and when Damian’s bad choices were featured on the Love Is Blind After the Altar special, he and Giannina finally went their separate ways.

Love is Blind Damian Giannina Wedding

Considering season 1 started with 15 women and 15 men, it should be considered a success that there are two couples who are still married. Meeting in this unconventional manner worked for two very happy couples, and the producers would likely be satisfied if there were a couple more successful weddings in season 2.

Thus far into season 2, there are some early frontrunner couples who show promise. But at the same time, every couple has shown cracks thus far. Is it possible that no one gets married? Or perhaps this season’s cast will outperform season 1’s, proving once and for all that this crazy experiment does actually work. Fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if the success rate of relationships will improve or if Barnett and Amber and Lauren and Cameron were an anomaly.

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