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Queer Eye season 5 took the notorious Fab Five to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for ten fabulous episodes, making the heroes lives very different today. The team, made up of experts in grooming (Jonathan Van Ness), home (Bobby Berk), fashion (Tan France), food and drink (Antoni Porowski), and culture (Karamo Brown), graced ten deserving heroes from the City of Brotherly Love with their advice and skills.


The hit Netflix reboot hasn’t slowed down, as Queer Eye season 7 premiered on the streaming platform on May 12, set in New Orleans. However, it’s been over three years since Queer Eye season 5 aired, and the deserving heroes’ lives have changed drastically through a global pandemic and beyond. Whether the Fab Five’s makeovers stuck is largely up to the contestants.

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Noah Hepler

Queer Eye season 5, episode 1 brought the Fab Five to Noah Hepler, a gay pastor wrestling with his identity. Noah regularly posts about theology and life on his Instagram page, and continues his work as a pastor at the Church of the Atonement in Philadelphia, PA. According to his Instagram, he maintained Jonathan’s haircut and grooming routine.

Rahanna Gray

Rahanna Gray was the pet grooming entrepreneur with big dreams and a dysfunctional workspace in episode 2. The dog lover owned Stylish Pooch, a mobile dog grooming service, but her renovated van needed some serious upgrading. Rahanna has maintained her look, upgraded workspace, and even expanded her services. According to the Stylish Pooch website, the company is now called Stylish Pooch Hotel & Spa, which offers daycare and boarding in addition to mobile grooming services.

Kevin Abernathy

Jonathan Van Ness and Kevin Abernathy admire his new teeth at the dentist in Queer Eye season 5

Kevin Abernathy was the sweet father of the bride from episode 3, nominated by his daughter Hayley after he stopped enjoying his life post-divorce. His makeover was heartwarming, and he looked fabulous at his daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, Kevin needed to get his leg amputated from the knee down in 2020 due to complications from diabetes. However, according to Netflix Tudum, Queer Eye fans chipped in for medical costs and helped raise over $16,000.

Tyreek Wanamaker

The former youth literacy organization employee, Tyreek, continues to use his platform for social justice, specifically workers’ rights. Tyreek, a fervent activist, is still heavily involved in The Block Gives Back, a nonprofit that connects and provides services to Philadelphia communities. He appears to have been looking for a new job in December 2022, but there’s yet to be an update on where he found employment today. Hopefully, Tyreek is finding a way to give to himself while he gives back so heartily to others.

Abby Leedy

Abby Leedy, like Tyreek, has also continued her inspiring activism and even got arrested in 2021 for demanding that Rep. Josh Gottheimer take meaningful action on climate change. The busy activist still works with the Sunrise Movement, continues Jonathan’s skincare routine. She takes one day off per week using her calendar.

Ryan Dyer

According to his Instagram, Ryan Dyer, the now 40-year-old DJ from a tight-knit Italian-American family, appears to have found some of his many tank tops again. However, he has maintained a more polished look suited to the DJ scene. Ryan appears to be working more than ever as a DJ in New Jersey and has yet to settle down with that perfect woman. He moved out of the house that Bobby renovated, but promised to take tips and tricks to his next place.

Jennifer Sweeney

Silver-lining Jennifer Sweeney touched hearts during and after her episode on Queer Eye season 5. The tireless wife and mother was diagnosed with breast cancer after filming, but she credits the Fab Five alongside her husband, John, and her three daughters, Dana, Ashley, and Rachel, with being her cheerleaders to help her make it through. Jennifer went through her final round of radiation in March 2022 and seems to be doing well.

Marcos Tlacopilco

Marcos, the lovable restaurateur from episode 8, is thriving in 2023. Although his Instagram page is less active, he recently celebrated 25 years of marriage with his wife, and his restaurant, Alma del Mar, appears to be successful. Many restaurants didn’t survive the pandemic, so it’s heartwarming to see the eatery, which Bobby renovated, bounced back and is doing better than ever.

Dr. Lilly Yi

Dr. Lilly Yi’s confidence boost from episode 9 stuck, because her colorful and fashion-forward outfits stand out on her sunny Instagram page. The busy doctor is back balancing parenthood and career full-time after some much-deserved downtime during the pandemic. She now has a second child, Scarlett, and regularly showcases her outfits of the day on Instagram, no doubt inspired by Tan.

Nate McIntyre

Bodybuilder Nate McIntyre’s gym is hugely successful in Philadelphia today and maintains a solid Instagram following. Unfortunately, he and his ex-Kristin, didn’t end up together after Queer Eye, and according to Netflix Tudum, she was engaged to someone else. However, Nate has maintained his new look and his gym looks great. As with Marcos’ restaurant, it’s a relief to see businesses that survived the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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