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With its fabulous costumes, melodramatic storylines, and modern twist on 19th-century societal norms, Bridgerton has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular series. One of the principal aspects that sets it apart from stuffier period programs is its lively characters, who don’t let the Regency era define their morals or ideals, giving it a provocative freshness.

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With so many conflicting personalities on screen, it’s no wonder that scandal dogs their every step, and fans can’t wait to see what fate awaits their favorite members of the ton. It’s not hard to assign each character a zodiac sign that fits their dynamic traits, from the demure Daphne Bridgerton to the smoldering Simon Basset.


Updated on April 17th, 2022 by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen: Bridgerton’s Season 2 brought more secrets, more scandal, and more steamy intimacy for its characters, some of which were new to the ton and the pages of Lady Whistledown’s society papers. How the characters reacted to the gossip swirling around them revealed their zodiac signs, from the critical Kate to her headstrong younger sister Edwina. 

Aries – Siena Rosso

Siena Rosso Bridgerton

A talented opera singer who happens to be the lover of Anthony Bridgerton, Siena Rosso longs for the time when the chanteuse and the Viscount can solidify their relationship.  Their different places in society keep them forever in the shadows until she must make the difficult decision to move on with her life and secure her own future.

Like many Ares, Siena is fearless and independent, and despite her lover’s lack of courage, she finds traces of happiness in their fleeting meetings. Because she is unlike any other woman he’s ever met, Anthony repeatedly makes attempts to secure her affections, but eventually, the Viscount learns a lesson in humility when she rejects him.

Aries – Kate Sharma

Ashley Simone as Kate Sharma Bridgerton Season 2

The eldest daughter in the Sharma family, Kate Sharma is well-educated, charming, and loyal, understanding that she must temper her own needs –and the needs of her younger sister– with the expectations of her family.

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Like many Aries, Kate is fiercely competitive and obstinate and will dig her heels into her beliefs if she feels threatened. Anthony affects the carefully maintained equilibrium of her life, and as eager as she is to see to the goals set by her family, she can only withstand his appeal for so long.

Taurus – Penelope Featherington

More Penelope Featherington

Despite being dressed in canary yellow and strawberry pink, Penelope manages to fade into the wallpaper of the season’s events, often passed over for one of her sisters or a member of the Bridgerton family. Though she longs to catch Colin Bridgerton’s eye, she contents herself with the strong bond she has with his sister, Eloise.

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Given her sign, Penelope is incredibly dependable and loyal, especially to her friends and family. Disrespect her enough, however, and she’ll find ways to unearth a person’s darkest secrets and use them against them.

Taurus – Lady Featherington

Lady Featherington in Bridgerton

Surviving the scandal of her husband’s death and the erstwhile shenanigans of Cousin Jack, the male heir intended to become the head of the Featherington family, makes Lady Featherington a shrewd and calculating matriarch.

Headstrong, determined, and above all loyal, Lady Featherington embodies everything about a Taurus, including enclosing the ranks of her family when they are attacked or shamed. Without her back-parlor prudence and meddling, they would not have lasted as long as they have in the ton, even if it sometimes paints her as the villain.

Gemini – Colin Bridgerton

One of the youngest Bridgerton boys, Colin doesn’t have nearly the same obligations as his eldest brother Anthony, or even Benedict. Yet despite a lack of formal responsibility to his lineage, he has a deeply coded sense of honor, which sometimes comes in conflict with his recklessness.

An impetuous Gemini, Colin thinks nothing of saving a lady’s integrity (like Marina Thompson’s) by proposing to her and rushing headstrong into a hasty engagement. And if the relationship doesn’t work out, Colin can be found touring Greece to improve his faculties (or another spontaneous pursuit), demonstrating his sign’s sterling adaptability.

Gemini – Madam Delacroix

Kathryn Drysdale as Madame Delacroix in Netflix Bridgerton

As the ton’s most sought-after modiste, Madam Delacroix knows how to make nice with her clients, putting up with their moods and demands all while putting on the facade of being a French dressmaker. Engineering her own fate in society is precarious, but her creative touch is still helpful to shy and sheltered Benedict.

Like many Gemini Madam Delacroix follows her heart and carves her own path as one of the only truly self-made women in the series. To ensure her business’s success, she partners with Lady Whistledown on more than one occasion, even if it means meddling in her customers’ affairs.

Cancer – Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury carriage

Possessed of a sharp sense of style and an even sharper tongue, Lady Danbury always commands respect wherever she goes. Even the trifling indiscretions of her rakish young ward, the Duke of Hastings, cannot rattle her reserve. She made a steadfast commitment to raising him into a fine young heir to his father’s estates, and she plans to see him worthy of the admiration he commands.

Like her sign, she is loyal to a fault, not only to Simon but also to his mother, the late Duchess of Hastings, who died delivering him. Like all Cancers, Lady Danbury is fiercely protective and will do whatever it takes to see Simon happy. Though she expresses her opinion with a viper’s tongue, her intuition is seldom wrong, and her advice always comes from the heart.

Cancer – Edwina Sharma

Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton

As Kate’s younger sister, Edwina Sharma is committed to following her sister’s example and not tarnishing her family’s reputation, but beneath her struggle to maintain her image as the “Diamond of the Season,” she is a sensitive young woman with her own aspirations beyond the needs of others.

Lots of Cancers would put their family’s happiness above their own, hoping to keep them intact for better or for worse, which the youngest Sharma does by agreeing to marry Anthony Bridgerton until she can no longer deny his feelings for her sister. Her caring nature was put to better use, such as helping Queen Charlotte.

Leo – Marina Thompson

Less Marina Thompson

For Marina Thompson, love will be what rescues her from her unfortunate circumstances; being with child and forced to live with her insufferable relations, the Featheringtons. Marina will not deign to marry any of the suitors that Lady Featherington introduces her to, holding out for the one whom she loves the most.

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Her true Leo traits emerge when she finds out her baby’s father is lost in battle, and she must make some hard decisions to ensure a better future for herself and her offspring. Incredibly strong, vibrant, and competent, Marina rarely caves to the opinions of others or their decisions unless she believes them to be the best course of action.

Virgo – Queen Charlotte

bridgerton season 2 queen charlotte

There’s no doubt that Queen Charlotte is a formidable presence in court, where the sycophantic clamor to gain her favor despite the festivities of the season often boring Her Highness to tears. While her husband King George is vexed with various mental health problems, she devises ways to keep her country running smoothly and herself amused.

Like most Virgos the Queen can be overly critical, adhering to a strict set of standards that few can measure up to (including the “incomparable” Daphne Bridgerton). Her good opinion once lost isn’t guaranteed to return, but she has been known to be patient and even kind when her heart is appealed to.

Libra – Daphne Bridgerton

Though she knows her duty to her family is paramount, Daphne Bridgerton wants to marry for love as much as for status. She refuses to compromise her integrity when it comes to choosing a suitor, and only the one who awakens her passion will receive her hand.

As a Libra, Daphne often finds herself being quite the urbane diplomat, keeping tensions low at home and in court. She isn’t called “flawless” by Queen Charlotte for nothing, and she’s very aware of her luminous appeal during her debut season. But she comes into her own when she meets the Duke of Hastings, the only man who challenges her mind as well as her heart, no matter how much he breaks it.

Scorpio – Simon Basset

Duke of Hastings Simone Basset Bridgerton

Simone Hastings may want nothing to do with keeping his title in good standing or London society, but the rakish Duke of Hastings has no choice when he’s called into the clutches of the ton while he settles in late father’s estate. He becomes one of the most eligible bachelors despite his best efforts, and his elusive attitude only makes him more magnetic.

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Brooding, dynamic, and mysterious, the Duke is a Scorpio through and through, but perhaps nowhere more evident than in his stubbornness. His pride is almost his undoing until he meets his match in Daphne Bridgerton, and he’s forced to get as good as he gives, becoming a more empathetic man in the process.

Sagittarius – Eloise Bridgerton

More Eloise Bridgerton

Though she’s next in line after Daphne to make her debut in society, Eloise Bridgerton doesn’t have time to shop for hair feathers or attend balls; she’s much too busy writing in her journal or trying to discover the identity of her favorite street sheet author, Lady Whistledown. She says exactly what’s on her mind at all times, to the chagrin of the entire Bridgerton brood.

True to being a Sagittarius, Eloise marches to the beat of her own drum and doesn’t find contentment in what everyone else likes. She longs for the freedom to pursue her passions, like attending university and becoming a successful author.

Capricorn – Violet Bridgerton

Less Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton

Since her husband died, Violet Bridgerton has always had to put the stability of her household before her own happiness. It’s a responsibility that should fall to her eldest son, the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, but he is often too interested in his own pleasures to see to those of others.

Capricorns like Lady Bridgerton are often known for being ambitious, and the Viscountess doesn’t rest until her daughters receive suitable offers of marriage from the most eligible bachelors in the ton. Though known for being extremely practical and diligent in maintaining the good Bridgerton name, she is capable of being realistic, especially where her eldest daughter Daphne is concerned.

Aquarius – Benedict Bridgerton

Unlike his older brother Anthony who’s in charge of managing the Bridgerton estate and marrying off his sisters, Benedict Bridgerton is still unsure of his life’s purpose. Like his younger sister Eloise, he doesn’t feel compelled to participate in polite society, favoring his own company and creative pursuits.

Like many Aquarians, Benedict is at heart a creative and an intellectual, making him a contrarian in many aspects of his life. When he isn’t encumbered by the duality, he becomes a passionate person capable of expressing all sorts of emotions. Eventually, he learns to let go of his inhibitions, and carry on a romantic relationship with a woman inferior to his class; Madam Delacroix, the town modiste.

Pisces – Henry Granville

Henry Granville Artist Bridgerton

Henry Granville is an artist, a libertine, and a well-respected member of the ton, which makes it difficult for him to live the life he truly wants. He invites Benedict Bridgerton into his colorful world through lavish parties steeped in debauchery and reckless abandon, helping the middle Bridgerton cast off his inhibitions as well.

As a Pisces, Henry perfectly embodies the most creative of the signs, expressed in the dozens of paintings he paints for himself, and less so in those that he paints for his wealthy clients. He is generous with his acceptance of Benedict and empathetic towards his feelings of living a cloistered life but true to his sign, daydreams of living free from aspersions.

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